Best Sleepwears for Women in their 30s



The key to good physical, mental and emotional health is a good night’s sleep, especially today, when we all are leading hectic, stressful lives. But how do you achieve a satisfying sleep? Well, the easiest answer is wearing comfortable sleepwear. 

Whenever you’re out shopping, buying yourself a comfortable night dress for women won’t hurt. These days nightwear is more than just a comfortable piece of clothing to wear at night. Night dress for women these days come in a variety of prints, patterns, designs and colours, which means buying just one pair isn’t enough. From the striped set which gives you the boss vibes to the cute one with scalloped hem to the raunchy feather number, nightwear for women are available in plenty. 

If you are looking forward to bringing an edge to your night style, let’s check out the amazing types of night dress for women that you can shop. 

Short pyjama set:

Image – Zivame

When the temperature starts rising, you need to limit the number of clothes on your back. For a good night’s sleep during the summers, you can don a short pyjama set featuring a collared shirt and matching shorts. You can either stick to a cotton nightwear set, which is best, since your skin can breathe, there are also satin ones which you can opt for, if you want to experiment with your style. 

Long pyjama set:

Image – Zivame

If you want to cover all parts of your body, a long pyjama set is an ideal choice. A collared shirt with full sleeves and a matching pyjama will not only feel comfortable but is also an ideal wear to opt for if you wish to step out for a nice walk after dinner. 

T-shirt and shorts set:

Image – Zivame

If Netflix and Chill is your vibe every night, you will feel comfortable in T-shirts and shorts, the ultimate night dress for women. You can either wear a coordinated set, which can be purchased in the same colour or you can experiment with different prints and designs. 

Silk gown:

Image – Zivame

If you are thinking of ways to turn up the heat in the bedroom, simply slip into a silk gown and we bet your partner won’t be able to get his hands off you. The way your body will feel against the silk is something that we can’t describe because it’s something that you need to feel. 

A jumpsuit:

Image – Zivame

Do you envy how undisturbed and unbothered a baby is when they sleep? Well, you too can sleep like a baby, literally! All you need to do is snuggle up in a cotton jumpsuit or even a fleece jumpsuit when the temperature dips and enjoy a cosy good night’s sleep. 


Image – Zivame

The instant way to get the zing back in your marriage is slipping into a sexy babydoll night dress for women. You can experiment with many raunchy looks such as opting for a feathered number or a solid silk one to turn up the heat in your bedroom. 

Sleepwear is crucial for a good night’s sleep which is why you need to get your hands on the best one or maybe one of every kind if you’re feeling experimental with your style.

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