Ruptures of Separation – Being a Divorcee!


Author – Kavipriya Moorthy

Being a Divorcee

Divorce – A simple legal step that helps in departing two married individuals who would like to break the bond for some legitimate reason. Seems simple, right? But is it really that easy? I’d like to give a blunt answer, No!

It doesn’t make one smile, nor brings a frown like any funeral would do; it would bring one into a straight, zip locked face called ‘The Gray Area’. Gone are the days when Divorce was a taboo. Now it turns out to be an “okay, cool, what next?” kind of talk. The only thing that ultimately remains is a deep feel that pricks, isn’t it?

A few are cool about the issue but for most of them, it is still some thing serious.  They think of it as a bad omen to involve divorcees in their lives. And about the way they are perceived by such people? Well, here’s a sneak peek!

1. Being a divorcee, one would support separation

“In this great world of billions, why should I give free advice to any, to separate?” This is often the mindset of a divorcee. A person who lost something will know the real value of it. But in this case, it is otherwise. From what I’d observed here, a person can explain the cons, try and solve the issue if possible. Or even better, stay away from the business.

2. It feels awkward to hand over the wedding invitation

Yet another “Rolling the eyes” moment. Is a piece of greeting, with your wedding venue and date such an awkward thing to hand over? And why would any person feel that deep inside, the divorcee would think about the same thing would happen to him/her? Shame! Witnessed this, and feel utterly shameful. Why do some never grow?

3. What would I tell my parents when he/she drops by for the wedding?

Conservative families, Orthodox families, Freestyle families or whatsoever one happens to be a part of, divorce is definitely a painful journey for both the sides; and both did agree on a single point of no return, which eventually led to the case getting filed, isn’t it? So, why do you even feel the need to share the same with your parents about some divorcee, and especially on your wedding? How about telling them instead that friend values the importance of certain things in life, and took a decision which he/she felt aptly right?

4. She is easy. Approach her!

Yes, a Divorcee (woman) is not a virgin. Her hymen was torn by a person with whom she thought she would spend her whole life. But God disposed, and now she is back to the Single life. Now, even if she sleeps with another person or two or three, unless revealed, it wouldn’t mean a thing! but that doesn’t make her Easy or Approachable in any way. When will few understand this? What’s more pathetic is that fellow gender mates think the same, that she will end up sharing the bed with a few others. Isn’t it insanity? Does the status of your hymen declares you pious

5. Wealthy parents, easy divorce!

His/Her parents are wealthy enough to take care of them. Hence, he/she got an easy divorce! If your had a high bank balance, would you be filing for your divorce now? Your answer would be No! Then why is wealth even a matter of discussion here? Its heart, and the love two people share. Money has nothing to do with it. But yeah, it feels better to cry inside a BMW than while driving a bicycle.

6. Family knows better!

“Being a father, how did he agree for such an act? He is a father! so he agreed.” When two souls feel that they cannot live together anymore, what the family can do is to take it forward with a family talk consisting a few who are really concerned about the couple. If that doesn’t help much, a marriage or family counselor would do. If it’s way too beyond, medical help might cut in. No family readily agrees to a divorce, and if at all they decide to to take the legal path, it means a lot. So, passing a simple comment like “How did your family agree?” is of no use. What you see is the cherry on the cake. Remember that they struggled a lot before that!

A person divorced is an individual who withdrew from a bond that doesn’t let one grow vertically for various reasons, and walked further with his/her head held high targeting a better future. No one asks for support, but it would be great if’d one can just reduce the volume? Because they know,that some people can’t stop talking.

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  1. I applaud Kavipriya to write this, the thoughts are so clear and so true in all ways! thank you Harika for sharing these…esplly points 4,5 and 6….i mean they actually depict the way people think and approach things…awesome!!


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