Four Tips To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable


Tips To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

The world is looking at different ways to become more sustainable, with a major focus being on our wardrobes. It isn’t just large companies that need to be more sustainable, but it is also down to consumers to make conscious choices when they are purchasing. Changing your shopping and fashion habits is a great way we can all do our bit towards making our lives more sustainable, which is what we are here to help you do! 

1. Organise Your Wardrobe

One of the best things you can do to make your wardrobe more sustainable is to organise your wardrobe. Stick with us here, as this is a great way to go through everything, where you might find clothes you completely forgot about and you can fall in love with them again. Pick out things that you haven’t worn in a while and try styling them in a different way, to create brand new outfits out of clothes you already have. 

If you come across pieces you really won’t wear again, pop them into a bag and we’ll tell you what you can do with them in our next point. Once you just have pieces you know you love, organise them in your wardrobe in a way where you can easily see everything, so you don’t end up forgetting about them again one day. 

2. Donate or Sell Your Unwanted Clothes

Now you’ve got your bag of clothes you don’t want, it’s time to donate or sell them. There will always be some clothes in your wardrobe that you do not want, and that’s okay, but the important part is what you do with them. The easiest thing to do is throw away your clothes and they are never to be seen again. However this is the worst thing you can do, as its terrible for the environment and it is very likely that there is someone else out there who would treasure these pieces. 

If you have a tracksuit or another piece of clothing that is relatively new but you no longer wear it, sell it. You can then use the money you make to buy more sustainable clothing or to support local charity shops. This could be jewellery, accessories, clothing, anything! If you don’t think you will get much money for it, take them to a charity shop. No matter how you decide to pass on your clothes, just make sure you avoid throwing them away to be as sustainable as possible! 

3. Buy Second-Hand Clothes

Many years ago, people frowned at people wearing second-hand clothes, but things have completely changed for the better. Browsing on websites such as eBay, Vinted and Depop are great sites to find second-hand clothing. There are some amazing brands out there which are sold at a more affordable price on second hand websites, so you can find pieces you wouldn’t have originally been able to afford! . 

Around 20,000 litres of water is wasted when one kilogram of cotton is produced, one of the most common materials made to create clothing. That is a ridiculous amount of waste for very little clothing, hence why buying clothes that have already been through that process is one of the best things you can do, because you are reducing the demand for the new clothing that causes the damage. 

4. Shop Less and Wear More

Now is the time to start shopping less often and start wearing your clothes many more times than you usually do. Before you buy a piece of clothing, you should ask yourself if you will wear it at least 30 times, otherwise you shouldn’t be buying it! 

To Conclude 

As you can see, there are many ways to make your wardrobe sustainable without spending any money (you will probably end up saving or even making money in the long run).

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