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Anushruti RK

The joy of cooking is exhilarating! To create delicious, mouthwatering food on your own is a feeling like no other. Yes, the rotis may resemble maps of various countries initially, but later the perfectly round, soft and succulent phulkas will be your pride. Global cuisine is an attractive arena, but the challenge of mastering the Indian gastronomy isn’t for weak-hearted!

The quintessential Indian preparations have been handed down by generations. However, when these native MasterChefs decided to log onto the internet to share their creativity, knowledge and experiments, these amateur cooks found their holy grail! For all those who are struggling in kitchen, who seem to mess things up in the process, who wish to unlock the secret of flawless cooking and those who pine for mere ghar ka khana (my home-cooked food), go for the angels who have made cooking a piece of cake.

With their clear-cut blogs, step-wise instructions along with pictures, hilarious/satirical anecdotes and the story behind the recipe, cooking will in true essence became an exhilarating experience for you. The choice, the festivity and diversity that Indian food brings to the table is mesmerizing. Here is a list of top Indian food bloggers, who can be trusted for their distinguished palate, amazing creativity and discretion in matter of food –

Indian-food-bloggers VeganRichaVegan Richa

Vegan, organic, whole and healthy food, all seems nice on paper, but making them a part of our daily diet is a huge task. With Vegan Richa, you can make this a reality. Get your health freak on and enjoy Indian breads, vegan, whole and organic food made by Richa Hingle in your very own kitchen.

Indian-food-bloggers Simply Tadka PreetiPreeti’s Simply Tadka

Tadka is a standard process loved by every Indian cook. Experimental Indian cooks cannot possibly resist adding tadka to international dishes. With Preeti’s blog, explore some fascinating results where tadka goes international. Apart from this innovative streak, the blog also gives some simple and relishing recipes to create a vegetarians paradise. The formal presentation for an A-grade is made a cake-walk. To classý up your dinner party, turn to simplytadka.

Indian-food-bloggers Parzen PatelParzen Patel

Another food lover making her presence felt is Perzen, the Bawi Bride of Mumbai! How many times have you tasted authentic Parsi food and thought ‘damn, if I could cook like this, I will rule the kitchen’! The Bawi Bride blog takes you on a yummy tour through the world of Parsi food. Her blog is not just about ingredients-method-picture; her blog is an experience. You will get to know the dish, the story behind it, the variations and her experimentations. If you wish to foray into the intimidating world of Parsi cooking, hold on to her blog.

Indian-food-bloggers PadhuskitchenPadma (a.k.a) Padhu’s Kitchen

Started in 2009, Padma’s blog has over 700 true-blue vegetarian recipes. She has tried and tested them all before she featured on the blog. This blog has a special focus on health, nourishment and ease of cooking. This is a particularly interesting blog for bachelors and busy professionals, since it has an easy, visually-aided step-wise instruction, which gives you one-pot meals without compromising on nutrition and of course, the taste.

Indian-food-bloggers Deeba-RajpalDeeba Rajpal’s Baking Blog

When the talk is about baking, pictures speak louder than words. Be ready to be mesmerized by the simply drool-worthy pictures of all the magic Deeba creates. As the name goes, this this expert cook’s blog is the place for all baking enthusiasts, be it amateur or seasoned bakers. Deeba has taken the western baking techniques and added some Indian elements to them.

Indian-food-bloggers ThasneenThasneen – Cooking with Thas – “A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Effortless Cooking”

This blog started off as a picture-upload activity. Soon, Thasneen began receiving requests for the recipes of her yummy-looking preparations! Her forte is not just Indian food, but handpicked delights from all over the world. The simplicity and originality of the blog keeps it real. Log on once to her blog and the cook-in-you won’t be able to resist!

Indian-food-bloggers Dassana-AmitDassana’s Veg Recipes

This virtual kitchen offers you various vegetarian, vegan and baked recipes to make delicious food. We need to thank Dassan’s hubby for he insisted that his wifey dearest should share her talents with the world. We agree! This blog is relatable for it is traditional, learned-on-go experience of a seasoned cook. Dassana innovates, experiments and lays it all out just the way it is.

Indian-food-bloggers Kajal-TejsinghaniKajal Tejsinghani

If quality food is more important to you than the easy associated with the process, head over to This place has some lip-smacking recipes that are customized to sooth a healthy soul. The approach here is to give you a gold-standard recipe with alternative healthy options. Now you can indulge yourself without skewing your diet chart. Tit-bits about the right choice also make the read interesting.

Indian-food-bloggers Anushruti_RKAnushruti’s Sattvic Food

We are what we eat; this is the life-funda for Anushruti. She is fascinated by Ayurvedic Sattvic food, and how they impact the human mind, and how we react to different food items in our diet. Anushruti’s blog is full of life; it breaks the fourth wall and gets to the reader in form of story-style read. Further, the visually appealing photos are an ode to her passion of photography.

Indian-food-bloggers Sia_Monsoon_SpiceSia’s Monsoon Spice

This blogger doesn’t shy away from complicated dishes. Sia takes any difficult recipe and breaks it down in such a way that any amateur cook can ace it. Her roots are in South India and she is armed with the priceless knowledge of recipes from her granny, mum, mom-in-law and a half dozen aunts. As expected, the blog is plethora of tradition mixed with zest of youthful cooking.


All those who crave the sour and spicy Andhra cuisine, head over to this blog to create a similar magic in your house. Preparing the mouth-watering Tomato Rasam will no more be a bittersweet memory for you now, since you can whip it up on your own. Apart from this specialty, Sailaja offers you a variety of north Indian, south Indian and Mexican delights as well.

Indian food blogging has way more to offer than the 11 bloggers listed above.

If gourmandizing is a crime, I happily plead guilty!

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