Types of Home Health Care Services


Home Health Care Services

Home health care services is a good way to provide support to your loved ones. Home health care services can assist greatly to the care of your person. The trained health care professionals will be able to provide the adequate and necessary support that they need. Home health care comes in many forms. From doctor care to baby care and care for the elderly, they provide it all.

Home health care service is a wide range of services and you can choose your necessary service depending on your loved one’s needs and requirements.

You can talk with your doctor to determine a care plan that will suit your requirements. Home health care services include many things. Let us take a look at the services provided.

Doctor care

Home health care services include doctor care, where a doctor will visit your home to check up on your patient and diagnose them, providing necessary treatment to the illness. They will also review the patients from time to time and check up on the home healthcare needs necessary.


Home health care also includes physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a great treatment to alleviate pain and injuries. Whether it is arthritic treatment that you are seeing or regaining mobility in your joints after an accident, physiotherapy can greatly help you.

A physiotherapist can create a plan and perform various exercises and movement techniques to help a patient strengthen their joints and muscles right in the comfort of their home.

Lab and X ray imaging

Certain home health care provide laboratory tests including various blood tests for checking diseases including typhoid test and lipid profile tests and urine tests from your home.

Portable X-ray machines are also allowed in your home to take X-Ray images in case of bone fractures and injuries.

Dietary support

Home health care services also include dietary support, which means a professional dietician will come to your house and create a proper nutrition chart for the patient. They will also regularly check up on the progress and update the dietary plan if necessary.

Volunteer care and companionship

Many community organizations offer companionship to the patients as well as assist them in daily activities like personal care, baby care, elder care help with paper works and transportation etc.

By offering companionship to a patient they provide emotional support to the patient, which positively aids their recovery. Some of these companions also help with various other household chores.

Medical Social Services

Home health care also include medical social services like counseling for patients, finding various community resources.

If the patient has a complex medical condition then medical social workers will proactively take the initiative to become your case manager and look after the management of your case.

Home health care offers a wide range of services to meet the requirements of their patients in the comfort of their own home.

If you are looking to get home health care services for your loved ones, you can contact your nearby home healthcare services and create a plan that best suits your needs.

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