Unseen World – Poem


– by Sakshi Rai


Blind… by PixieCold

They say that – ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’
But what of the Blind, the un-knighted soldiers?
Their vision restricted to a perpetual black that never ends,
No scattering of light, the ray never bends
They who fight colourless battles and slay all monsters in the dark
Where daily existence is difficult, they strive to leave a mark
What if we were to interchange places with them for a while?
To observe the unseen world at a slower place, to appreciate its wondrous style?
Would we miss watching rainbows break out in the sky?
Or the sun sinking low, until it was time to bid goodbye?
Or just looking up at the night sky, A ceiling of stars,
And dreaming of the unknown or identifying constellations for hours
Would love at first sight be an area unexplored?
And watching water gush through trees, not be an option when bored?
Would we never able to witness a tired stranger’s grateful smile?
And the look of joy that spreads across a searching mother’s eyes?
Or would we perhaps have a hidden world of our own


The Blind Beggar – Jules Bastien-Lepage

Where happiness isn’t stolen, instead it is sown
Where it isn’t the light of the flame, but the warmth that is shared
Where the language is love, and people don’t stare
Where nobody is judged on how they look
Where paradise is felt, not taught in a book
Where emotions are expressed deeper than just slow soundtracks in the rain
Where true knowledge exists, without the use of a cane
Where all people are equal, not divided by colour
A monochromatic world, with no outlines or covers
A simpler world with lesser despair, is all that we desire
No misunderstandings, no judgments, no unwanted fires
So step back and think again, which world is better?
After all happiness doesn’t come with instructions,
You just reach out and get her!

(This is our first attempt to publish poems. Please do provide us feedback on it so that we can make it a regular feature)

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Blind… by PixieCold

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  1. A wonderful and touchy Poem specially
    To observe the unseen world at a slower place, to appreciate its wondrous style? All of us need to slow down a little and observe the things happening around us


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