12 Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees this Festive Season



Handloom sarees are the perfect blend of elegance and tradition. The Indian handloom sector is re-establishing itself on the world fashion map. The rising love for khadi in a fashionable approach is exactly what people are seeking for. Luxury fashion businesses and self-made labels are working together to address this need. This, in turn, will boost and illuminate the traditional weavers of India. The indigenous loom is surely doing the rounds on the internet among B-town stars and clients all over the world.

It’s time to spruce up your wardrobe with the ideal weave. Handloom sarees are a valuable treasure, from the stunning Banarasi Silk to Telangana’s Pochampalli. It’s a tradition you wear, a tradition that contributes to the charm of your personality in the truest sense. All around India, numerous sarees and draping techniques may be found. Each one differs in terms of materials, manufacturing processes, design, and minute features. Their beauty and cultural value are enhanced by their differences and variety. These sarees reflect the cultural history, customs, and traditions of the region to which they belong.

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Since it may be difficult to personally visit weavers and obtain the best handloom sarees, here is something for you: We’ve compiled a list of the greatest online stores where you can purchase these incredible pieces of art. These one-of-kind selections of designer, traditional bridal and everyday usage sarees will make you the center of attention everywhere you go!

1. Suta

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, Suta

Suta is a fresh design house that focuses on providing a variety of clothing with a mix of heritage and modernity. Their handcrafted inspirations are detailed, and the designs bring beauty, boldness, and grace. Suta, or thread, is the brand’s inspiration and a nod to India’s handmade traditions. Suta, like a pure creation that begins with a needle and thread, provides surprise each time it is encountered. They value raw threads, historic boldness, and unbroken simplicity. Visit website – https://suta.in/

2. Loomfolks

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, Loomfolks

The founding members of Loomfolks traveled the length and breadth of India with the support of well-known non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to reviving and assisting traditional weavers and artisans to achieve a sustainable living through continuous training and education. In order to cater to a wider audience and showcase their creativity and craftsmanship, they encourage craftsmen and weavers from diverse communities around India, a world of colors and cultures. Their objective is to foster creative design thinking among rural craftsmen while also enabling a worldwide audience to deepen their artisanal heritage and live a handcrafted life. From vibrant oranges and yellows to more subdued linens and breezy cottons, Loomfolks offers something for everyone. Visit website – https://www.loomfolks.com/

3. Ekaya

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, Ekaya

Ekaya is India’s first handloom luxury brand, showcasing the greatest Banarasi art from the repertory of Indian artisans. The brand comes with a 120-year legacy that has been passed down through four generations of the family. Ekaya was founded with the goal of changing the way handloom textiles are marketed and displayed internationally, as well as to provide its clients with a highly distinct product range based on the concepts of history and artisanship. All of Ekaya’s products are handwoven and handcrafted, supporting and empowering over 10,000 weavers as well as craftspeople from around the country. Each product is woven using the highest quality raw materials in the most environmentally friendly way possible, taking from 200 to 1000 man-hours from start to finish. The brand provides a highly distinct product range to the discerning customer on both the national and international levels, based on the ideals of history and artisanship. Visit website – https://ekaya.in/

4. Gaatha

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, Gaatha

Gaatha was founded in November 2009 with the goal of investigating and recording Indian craft clusters and traditions that are rapidly disappearing. However, they quickly realized through their experiences with craftspeople that study alone would not be enough. They required the restoration of dignity as well as business opportunities in their ecology. As a result, Gaatha became Gaatha.com, an e-commerce platform, in August 2013. Gaatha now strives to restore the lost esteem and riches to these historic handicraft clusters.

Gaatha combines craft research with a keen awareness of technology to create rich and engaging online experiences. In the midst of expanding online shopping, they plan to educate customers about the great worth of handcrafted items by telling the story of their origin, evolution, and production. These eco-friendly items educate us how to live a balanced existence. Visit website – https://gaatha.com/

5. Chidiyaa

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, Chidiyaa

The label, which is largely inspired by nature, ecological techniques, and the values of simplicity, is handcrafted in the villages of Ajrakhpur in Gujarat and Phulia in Bengal. Chidiyaa strives to revitalize the art of block printing, hand-spun and handwoven silk and linen sarees, and other textile and craft creations via its collections.

Chidiyaa embodies a love of nature, basic yet wonderful life experiences, and optimism. Recognizing that in order to practise sustainability successfully, it must become a way of life, the brand incorporated eco-friendly methods from the start. Chidiyaa’s designs promote slow fashion by producing high-quality clothes with distinctive yet wearable patterns that survive the test of time. Chidiyaa’s designs stand out by adding a modern twist to traditional Indian handicrafts. Experimentation with materials, patterns, and processes is encouraged by the design philosophy. At the moment, block printing is their most powerful means of expression. They only sell their products through their independent online store, and before the pandemic, they routinely showcased their work at various events, exhibits, and pop-ups around the country. Visit website – https://chidiyaa.com/

6. Madhurya

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, Madhurya

The idea of Madhurya arose from Smt. Bhanumathi Narasimhan who founded the organization in 2007 to promote and support craftsmen and to revitalize ancient Indian crafts and weaves. The first Madhurya retail store opened in Bangalore at The Art Of Living International Centre. The revenues, in turn, benefit underprivileged children’s education through the Art of Living Foundation’s Gift-a-smile initiative. The brand promotes products such as handloom silk sarees, jewelry collection, décor items, historical furniture, and so on with the goal of revitalizing, protecting, and preserving Indian traditions and history. The sales revenues benefit the education of the girl child in India. One of the most sought-after items available at Madhuya are hand-woven sarees in various designs like Benarasi, Paithani, Kanchipuram, Jamdani, Uppada, and many more. Visit website – http://madhurya.com

7. TheiaScape

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, TheiaScape

Loomers and weavers are the last remnants of a period that prized workmanship above all else. They are the remaining protectors of traditional Indian weaving workmanship, which still employs handlooms to make our dream sarees.

TheiaScape’s goal was to identify and provide a specialized platform for all of the vibrant local arts and handicrafts that resonate with our culture. As a result, selecting Handloom means prioritizing heritage over anything else. Their weaves, trinkets, and lifestyle goods are all handcrafted, eco-friendly, and fashion-forward, as imagined and created by the subcontinent’s most talented craftsmen. According to TheiaScape, each saree has its own collection of facts and a unique story to tell. Visit website – https://theiascape.com/

8. BharatSthali

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, BharatSthali

Bharat, the name, evokes the diversity, rich traditions, and transformation that she threw over the years, resulting in brilliant colors, beautiful textiles, and cultural splashes. BharatSthali takes you on a trip across India’s rich past, offering you regional specialties and character with each fabric. Time travel through history with them and experience the greatest of crafts and the best of weaving. Bringing together textile designers, artisanal communities, weavers, and artists, this is a modern platform that meets and does not fade away the lovely treasures. While the technology, interface, and platform are cutting-edge, the designs and goods are as authentic and traditional as they can be.

They work closely with the artists and weavers to offer only original items, which are sourced directly.  The brands exert no control over their creative liberty. The handcrafted aspect is highlighted, whether it is embroidered or block printing, a simple ajrakh or the regal Banarasi. Visit website – https://www.bharatsthali.com/

9. ForSarees

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, ForSarees

ForSarees began in 2015 with a passion and enthusiasm for Indian handloom. Keeping this in mind, the brand embarked on a mission to deliver handloom sarees to modern saree enthusiasts who are unable to attend exhibitions on a regular basis. For their younger target population, they also use fusion looms.

Forsarees is a tribute to Indian artists who have been carrying the history of crafts and a commitment to popularize their work internationally. Traditional designs are reflected in a new and contemporary style in their collection. They specialize in lovely handcrafted silk and cotton silk sarees for all events and seasons. There is also a large selection of dupatta and blouse materials. Not only that, but they have a one-of-a-kind variety of German silver jewelry, including earrings and necklaces. Visit website – https://www.forsarees.com/

10. Parisera

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, Parisera

Parisera, which means “environment” in Sanskrit, was founded in 2014 as an online retail business to link clients all around the world, including India, to the best of Indian weaves and hand-crafted jewelry. They wanted to create an atmosphere where all of our favorite projects were just a click away. Parisera quickly became a destination for companies that had a direct connection to one or more weaving groups. They had huge and little brands, but each one was genuine.

 Parisera understands that India is not a homogeneous nation. Their variety is beautifully represented in the hands of various craftsmen, who carry on their family heritage, and each sari tells a time-honored narrative. For that purpose, the brand concentrated on bringing together a diverse range of art and artists, allowing clients to wear a piece of history and heritage. They are joined in this attempt by like-minded weavers and companies from around the nation who have taken great satisfaction in presenting their work to the globe. Visit website – https://www.parisera.com/

11. Tarini

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, Tarini

Tarini is a social enterprise that works to provide sustainable livelihood options for Odisha’s weaving community. They are dedicated to preserving and promoting Odisha’s unique handloom heritage. Tarini’s journey began with a respect for the weavers’ skills and an awareness of the weavers’ circumstances. The brand is dedicated to developing and revitalizing Odisha’s handloom industry and putting it on the global map. As a business committed to ethical and ecological processes, they promote endangered traditional and tribal fabrics dyed with natural dyes. Tarini provides a more environmentally responsible alternative to quick fashion. Visit website – https://tarini.shop/

12. Roots Handloom

Best Websites to Buy Handloom Sarees Online, Roots Handloom

Roots is a brand that aims to portray Madhya Pradesh’s style and roots of art by supplying handloom items made by weavers in Chanderi and Maheshwari, two tiny towns in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The intricacy and elegance of these handcrafted items are highly valued, yet many people do not have easy access to them. Roots hopes to broaden the appeal of these distinctive textiles from Chanderi, Maheshwar, and Bagh.

Their current product line currently comprises Chanderi, Maheshwari, and Bagh hand block print sarees. The aim of the brand is to bridge the gap between handloom weavers and consumers, and their ambition is to share the legacy with the rest of the world. Visit website – https://www.rootshandloom.com/

Websites and social media platforms are fantastic sources of hassle-free shopping in today’s technological environment. These boutiques take pleasure in offering vibrant selections that entice clients to return for more. Apart from bringing elegance and a touch of history back into your wardrobe, these online saree retailers are also changing the socioeconomic structure for the craftsmen and resurrecting handloom, which has been a major industry in India since its independence. If you’re looking to add some sophistication to your everyday traditional wear, do check out these stores!

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