6 Gorgeous Cake Designs for Your 25th Anniversary Celebration


The 25th wedding anniversary is one of the biggest milestones in a couple’s life and that’s why it should be marked with a grand celebration. Maybe a get together with loved ones or a romantic holiday, it completely depends on how the couple wants to celebrate their Silver anniversary. But, the thing that one should not forget is a delicious 25th-anniversary cake without which the celebration may not be as memorable as one wants it to be.

So, if you are in quest of some gorgeous 25th-anniversary cakes, check out the options listed below and you will love these:

3 Tier-Black Forest Cake


The best thing about a black forest cake is that it can fit into every small or big occasion. Be it a birthday or an anniversary, a delicious black forest cake can always lift up the spirit of your celebration and make it more special. So, yes a mouth watering 3-tier black forest cake will make one of the best choice for your 25th anniversary celebration.

Red Velvet Heart-Shape Cake



Well, completing 25 years with someone you love is a very special feeling which you should not hold back. Instead, express your deepest emotions of love, care, and affection for your partner by ordering a delicious red velvet heart shape cake. This cake will rekindle the romance in your married life and sweeten up your 25th anniversary celebrations.

Purple Swirled Rose Cake


Do you know what a purple rose symbolize? It stands for enchantment. So, if you give someone a purple rose, it means that you have fallen in love with the recipient at the very first sight. Similarly, a delicious purple swirled rose cake will express your deep love for your partner and stir sweetness in your married life.

Metallic Silver Cake

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No cake can be a more apt choice for a 25th marriage anniversary than a metallic silver cake. Yes, silver cakes are in vogue these days and these cakes can instantly uplift the spirit of any special celebration. So, basically a silver cake is like any other normal fondant cake wherein the fondant is airbrushed in silver and then painted with various shade of metallic luster dust onto the cake.

Luscious Naked Cake

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A naked cake has no or minimal outer layer of frosting. Therefore, in a naked cake, you can see the natural texture and even the filling stuffed inside. Some naked cakes have no frosting on their outer edge while some have just a wisp of buttercream. So, if you want to indulge into a complete new cake cum dessert, a naked cake will make an excellent choice.

Sugar Flower Cakes

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Sugar flowers cakes are those where in the cake decorated with beautiful blooms which are edible and fake. Yes, sugar flowers are usually made using gum paste or fondant and then, placed on the top or side or edge of the cake. These types of cakes are ideal for an anniversary party. So, if you want to throw a big anniversary party on your 25th anniversary then, order a sugar flower cake which your guests will surely appreciate.

Now that you have a number of beautiful cake design ideas, leave no stone unturned in making your 25th anniversary a memorable one.


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