8 Lehenga Designs to Wear to a Traditional Event


Traditional events in India are always around the corner. These occasions call for the need to dress in ethnic outfits to blend in with the culture and the theme of the festival or event. Either it is a wedding, Diwali festival, Bhai Dooj rocking your traditional outfit is an important part of the traditional event. As for the ethnic outfits, the designer Lehenga suit and is a must-have piece to any Indian woman. The bride to be, bride’s maid, friends and relatives at a wedding always have a certain type of Lehenga on. The way the Lehenga looks on them is as important as the event they are attending. Below are Lehenga designs that you can try for your body shape and see which one is best for you. 

1. A-line Lehenga


Just as the name suggests, this Lehenga has an A-line hem. It forms a perfect A that is visible when you wear it. This Lehenga is tight at the waistline and flares out to the bottom to bring out its design perfectly. It has minimal pleats that are not as visible. Therefore, making it an easy to carry Lehenga. There are varying lengths to this Lehenga and you can find it in various fabrics as well. For instance, brocade, georgette, chiffon, and cotton are some of the common fabrics it’s made from. This elegant Lehenga is ideal for a pear shape and hourglass body shapes. However, those with an apple or rectangle shape should avoid this design for it does not suit them.

2. Lehenga with a jacket


The Lehenga with a jacket is a trendy look in the world of weddings. It is a style that every bride adorns to at least in one of her ceremonies. Also, it is not restricted for weddings and you can choose to wear it to parties and other special occasions as well. To rock this look perfectly keep the look simple but flare and use a long jacket to cover the ensemble. Use a jacket covered with intricate embroidery or delicate weaving if you prefer that in brocade, georgette and new silk fabrics. The special thing about this design is that you can hide the extra fats if you are plump and you can create volume if you are the slender type. You can dress to a rich and elegant Lehenga to a decent and subtle one since only the hem of the skirt can be seen through the jacket.

3. Circular Lehenga


This is another look if you want to look like an ethnic fashion diva to a traditional event. Also known as the flared Lehenga it is a traditional Lehenga design. It is best for those who want to add extreme volume below the waistline. Since it has a broad flare that forms a complete circle with numerous pleats at the hem that diffuse towards the flare. Choose a short choli with a subtle design for this Lehenga design. Plus, select crepe, silk, brocade, and georgette for these fabrics favor several pleats. It is perfect for straight and apple shape bodies as well as hourglass shape too. Avoid too much embroidery for it does not blend well with this Lehenga design. Also, those with slim waists look clumsy with this look.

5. Half saree Lehenga


Do you want a saree look without going through the trouble of tying one? Try the half saree Lehenga to get the virtual saree look and get everyone’s attention. This Lehenga design is inspired by the south Indian half saree look. The look is achieved due to how you drape the dupatta with the skirt. The common Lehenga piece is the low A-line Lehenga but other types can work as well. Avoid this look if you are a petite woman. However, it is perfect for hourglass, apple, and tall body structures. The best fabrics are new silk, cotton, jacquard, and brocade.

6. Mermaid Lehenga


Also known as the fishtail Lehenga it is known for how best it accentuates the hips. It is tight at the knees and then flares to form a fishtail giving a whole look that imitates the mermaids. Although you can wear different types of cholis with this Lehenga design a short halter neck choli always looks elegant matched with it. This design is also perfect for rectangle and hourglass shapes and the best fabrics for this Lehenga design are brocade, georgette, jacquard, and new silk.

7. Sharara Cut Lehenga


The special thing about this design is that the trouser is the type of Lehenga design. This has come about with the many evolving trends in the Indian fashion market. They are stitched from the center of the hem like huge palazzos or trousers but they appear like lehengas as a whole. Long kurtis or short Kurtis is used to pair the Sharara cut Lehenga. Women of an apple shape, pear shape, an hourglass shape are ideal for this Lehenga design. Wear this to any traditional ceremony but petite women and those with slim legs should avoid this look.

8. Paneled Lehenga


If you want a Lehenga design that creates a slimming effect. This one is the best for it has horizontal panels of the material that blend with the flare of the Lehenga. Thus the many panels increase the volume of the flare. Since contrasting fabrics give it the colorful designs the best picks are brocade, georgette, and new silk. Wear this as a guest to a wedding event and pair with short cholis or long ones if you find it more suitable.

8. Straight Cut Lehenga


This is a straight skirt that flows with your body curves. Hence the name straight cut Lehenga for unlike other lehengas it does not flare out. It is a versatile piece that suits well with all body types. However, it does not look as good to pear-shaped and very slender women. New silk fabric is the best for this Lehenga design. It is skin-hugging and flows perfectly with your body curves hence it is important to choose the right innerwear.

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