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Maheshwari saree is pure silk and cotton fabric woven with brocade or zari designs that are lightweight with a glossy finish. Most of these designs have checks, floral borders, and stripes.  Maheshwari sarees were first produced in Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh in the 18th Century. 

Initially, these sarees were made from pure silk; however, cotton was later blended with silk to make stunning sarees, dupattas, and salwar kameez attires. Traditional Maheshwari sarees are sought after sarees that have an interesting background. It’s believed that Queen Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar ordered craftsmen from Surat and Malwa to design a nine-yard special saree to gift her relatives and royal guests. Heavy work Maheshwari sarees were made as special gifts from the royal family to their guests. Later, the silk was replaced with cotton and made available to other women but still maintaining the saree’s elegance and classy look. 

Varieties of Maheshwari saree

The designs of the forts in Madhya Pradesh have inspired the motifs, weaves, and techniques used on the Maheshwari sarees. The Mat pattern (chattai) and the Chameli flower pattern (Chameli ka phool) are popular designs found on these sarees. Most of these sarees are either a variety of checks and stripes or plain with beautiful borders. Maheswari sarees are in five main categories. The plain sarees include the Baingani Chandrakala and Chandrakala, whereas the striped and checked category includes the Beli, Chandratala, and Pardi sarees. 

Unique Qualities of Maheshwari saree

Initially, the Maheshwari saree didn’t have a wide variety of colours to use in its design. The authentic colours of the Maheshwari saree were maroon, red, black, purple or green.  Nowadays, gold and silver threads together with lighter colours can now be found on these sarees at stylecaret. These sarees will give you an effortless graceful and classy look to any wedding, religious festival, parties or conference. Their lightweight feature makes them suitable to wear all year round. A unique characteristic of this saree is the reversible border which means you can wear the saree from either of the two sides. When it comes to age women of all ages can wear this saree. The older women prefer the plain type while the middle-aged and young women prefer the contemporary type with motifs and metallic borders. 

The following Maheshwari sarees will make you feel like a queen.

Pink and blue Chanderi Maheshwari saree

The combination of the light blue shade with the powder pink colour makes this saree a sight to behold. The blue shade is embellished with golden butis with golden zari on the pallu. The blue and pink border on this saree gives it a uniqueness that many sarees don’t have. This saree is a beautiful creation to wear to a wedding or as ethnic wear.

Sky blue and green handloom Mheshwari saree

This breathtaking blue and green handloom Maheshwari saree have a perfect combination of colours that have a calming effect on you. Its light gold zari border has a light green colour with hues of sky blue that gives it a graceful look. 

Maroon Maheshwari silk saree

The deep shade of maroon combined and a dark blue tone are two tones that emit royalty. The sheen on this stunning saree can be seen depending on which side the light is. The border and the pallu have a golden coloured zari that makes this exquisite saree perfect to wear to religious events, weddings or parties.

Blue Tussar silk Maheshwari saree with hand block print

This Maheshwari saree is made in Tussar silk with a very stylish border. This comfortable and soft saree has a blend of blue with chalky white zigzag hand block print that makes it very appealing. This lovely saree can be worn on a daily basis or to any event. 

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Handloom dark pink Maheshwari saree

This saree sports lustrous dark magenta and wine colours that give it an alluring look with a touch of class. The deep shades of colours give this saree a rich and majestic quality and the woven golden paisley design makes it perfect to wear to an evening party. You can also wear this elegant ensemble as festive or ethnic wear.

Khushnuma pure silk Maheshwari saree

This beautiful silk saree sports vibrant colours that are filled with the warmth of the sunset and beautiful summer evenings. The lustrous and rich colours and textures have a nice harmony with each other which sets this saree apart. This is the perfect ensemble for you to wear to a wedding or any occasion that you want to stand out and be noticed. 

Maheshwari purple cotton silk saree

This Maheshwari saree has a royal look that sports the purple colour with a metallic shade of grey. This saree has a simple pallu while alternating stripes of gold and purple are woven on the lower section of the saree. The contrasting stripes of gold and purple have an amazing effect that is very eye-catching. Pair this gorgeous saree with a matching blouse and traditional accessories to give you a royal look.

Black Maheshwari silk saree with pink border

If you are looking for a beautiful saree to wear to a special evening function, this stunning black silk saree will be perfect. It has stripes of brown and gold on its border and a hot pink border for that modern touch. This saree is very soft and light perfect to wear to weddings or special occasions.

Aqua blue Maheshwari printed cotton saree

This beautiful saree sports stunning brocade work with a gold tree design and contrasting designs of pink and yellow coloured birds in flight. This aqua blue cotton Maheshwari saree has soothing colours that can be worn during the summer season. 

Black Maheshwari silk saree with orange and pink border

The beautiful and lustrous sheen on this blacksaree gives it an exquisite look that will make heads turn at weddings or parties. The mango motifs and golden zari border are woven on the pink and orange border make this saree one of a kind. Pair it with a contrasting coloured blouse to get a royal look.


Maheshwari sarees are filled with character and beauty to accentuate your look. 

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