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Poetry is a genre which is not only the manifestation of verses understood by people belonging to the same creed, but is the recitation of verses which are written through heart and so it  tugs at heartstrings of anyone who listens and reads it. Confinement of a single race with respect to any sort of literature is not possible. It is meant for everyone and a poet whose poetry blooms with wisdom, self-reflection, love for humanity and sympathy for suffering of poor is someone who is unforgettable and his name is even remembered after decades. Om Krishan Rahat is a great humanitarian and his love for poor is reflected in his poetry which makes him eminent among the famous poets of Sub-Continent,

Not only a renowned Urdu poet of Sub-Continent, he also earned great fame and reputation in Sydney with his distinguished and exquisite writing style. He is a bridging literary figure of Sydney for Indo-Pak communities and represents their culture with great respect. Even after his death on September 12, 2018, his contributions to Urdu literature will not be wiped off from this world, but will be remembered with dignity and pride.

After moving to Australia in 1996, every literary figure was compelled to serve him with great reverence. No literary festival, mushaira, Urdu International Organization and mehfil would be conducted without his presence. He would be a limelight of every poetry gathering and soothe people with his heart-wrenching expression about the challenges met by people in their daily life. 

His wife SubeshRahat was highly influenced by her husband and she sometimes worked as a muse for him to help him in accomplishing his target. She regards him in such pride: 

“I still remember Rahat sahib’s first Australian poetry gathering held in late nineties where audience were overwhelmed by the newly arrived poet and repeatedly requested to share more ghazals.” 

Through his poetry, he was able to express the mechanism and intricacies of human psyche.

Phailata hai haath gharazka jab koi majboori main,

Har jaani pehchaaani surat anjaani ho jaati hai.

 A literary stalwart Abbas RazaAlvi highly praised Rahat Sahab for his capability of expressing depths of human soul. He praises him:

“Rahat Sahib will be regarded as one of the best Urdu poets in Australia and will always be remembered through his words which reflect the feelings of ordinary people.”

Not only as a poet, but also a mentor he was a guiding light for many young writers, journalists and poets of Sydney. He attended various literary organizations in Australia and influenced people with his charisma of dealing with words. Ashraf Shad, founder of Urdu Society of Australia and Urdu International deems RahatSahabin prestigious words and highlights his contributions which he made to Urdu Poetry living in Sydney for two decades. 

When Om KrishanRahat First came to Australia it was a blessing for many upcoming poets in Sydney. RahatSaheb became their mentor and at the same time enriched the literary environment of the city. There was no Mushaira where RahatSaheb was not present and he became a major and distinguished voice of the Australian literary community from the subcontinent. He will be remembered for long by his friends and followers”.

The ability to delve deep into the human soul and portraying their true self is what is reflected in his verses and this quality allowed the literary figures and common men in Sydney to welcome his contributions to Urdu poetry in welcoming arms.

Main ne insaan sa khud saranhin dekha rahat

Apne mohsin ko bhula deta hai ehsaan keb aad

 His first recitation of poetry in Wollongong is deeply engraved in the minds of audience even after his death and even DrShabirHaider who is the founder of Urdu literary organizations of Australia is not able to forget the way the audience were mesmerized and enchanted by his inspirational piece of writing. 

Om KrishanRahat was a great poet and fiction writer. A great human being who has distributed love through his work and supported human rights and values. We have a big loss in the literary world of Australia.”

Apart from showering love for humanity, his poetry convinces people to believe in their own power and not be dependent and blaming others for their own follies.

Jab jab bhi apne baarey main janana pada,

Apney hi dil main mujhe jhankna pada

Not only an eminent figure during his life, he is even being showered with respect after his death.  The Sydney-based organization Urdu International of Australia recently organized a gathering for him to remember him as their ‘Ustad’ and celebrating his contributions of Urdu poetry in literary circles of Australia. 

Syed Azeem Haider  is an enthusiastic writer, loves to write on social issues, current affairs, books and T.V reviews.

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