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India’s artistic aspect has a lot to show in terms of diversity and originality. The cultural background of the country is so rich that the artist keeps evolving, nurturing, and celebrating their expression through art. Every person involved helps in shaping the identity of the society through their art and craft. Art Fairs in India are some of the most beautiful and creative experiences for anyone interested in art and culture. They house many talented individuals and give a platform for creativity to shine.

Today, we explore some of the most vibrant and prestigious fairs and festivals that enrich India’s artistic sensibility as well as give a voice to thousands of artists.

Indian Art Fair

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The Indian Art Fair is considered as a leading art fair in all of South Asia and focuses on contemporary and modern art styles. It was opened in 2008 to showcase diverse artistic genius, and now, the festival has risen to a level of international reputation. Regional and foreign artists alike use this tourism-oriented festival as a platform for their work. Curators, collectors of art, and enthusiastic learners from all over the world flock to be a part of the Indian Art Fair.

Where: New Delhi
When: January – February
Famous for: Contemporary art

Ajanta-Ellora International Festival

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The Ajanta-Ellora Cultural and Art Festival is organized at Soneri Mahal and celebrates the history that is imbibed in the enriching city of Aurangabad. Folk dance performances, Indian classical music, handicraft and other exhibits put on sale, and various culinary delights comprise the alluring festival which earlier used to be held at the UNESCO world heritage site of the ancient caves of Ellora and Ajanta. The festival provides a platform for Indian artists and performers and ensures their promotion.

Where: Aurangabad
When: January
Famous for: Performing Arts

International Film Festival of India

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The renowned International Film Festival of India was first organized in Goa in the year 1952. Since then, it has provided a common platform to film-makers and actors to showcase their skills as well as interact with like-minded people from the same field. The IFFI showcases works of cinematic genius from all over the world and also gives a great exposure to young, talented artists- many of whom are regional. The contributions of notable personalities from the world of cinema are also acknowledged in this festival. It is a great learning ground for those keen to pursue their career in cinema and its art and craft.

Where: Goa
When: November
Famous for: Films and Performing Arts

Delhi International Arts Festival

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Since December 2007, the Delhi International Arts Festival is held annually in various venues of the capital and lasts from ten to twenty days. It is the first event which was organized by the collaboration of the government, non-governmental agencies, corporate and civil societies. The festival draws in artists, writers, art students, art enthusiasts, and experts from around the world. Presenting the rich heritage of Indian arts and culture, the festival holds exhibitions, literature events, workshops, folk music performances, visual arts, classical dance and music performances of both Indian and western origin and the extraordinary Sufi festivals.

Where: Delhi
When: December
Famous for: Performing Arts

Bengaluru International Arts Festival

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The Bengaluru International Arts Festival was organized because of the initiative of Artists’ Introspective Movement (AIM). The program not only promotes local artists but also donates a generous amount from their fund to Arogyadhara, a welfare fund for artists. The festival is a cornucopia hosting an array of various forms of art representing different cultures. Comedy skits, folk and classical music, brilliant contemporary dance performances by Indian and foreign troupes, wonderful theatrical and other performance arts.

Where: Bengaluru
When: October
Famous for: Performing Arts

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

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To preserve and promote the culture of South Mumbai, the Kala Ghoda Association organized the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival for the first time in 1999. The nine days long event is held in the historical Kala Ghoda District of southern Mumbai. The festival puts to display an amalgamation of Indian art forms, including theatre and concerts, street plays, contemporary art installations, literature fests and exhibitions upholding the heritage of Mumbai architecture. It takes the notion of art fairs in India to new levels.

Where: Mumbai
When: February
Famous for: Fine & Performing Arts

Taj Mahotsav

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The Taj Mahotsav is a vibrant annual festival that goes on for ten days. It showcases the diverse colors and values that the Indian art is resplendent with. Since its inception in 1992, the Taj Mahotsav attracts innumerable tourists and art enthusiasts every year. The festival displays its wonderful hoard of art and craft, and offers a variety of dance performances. Visitors can eat delicious regional dishes as well! The pottery art of Khurja, the figurines from Tamil Nadu, and the Kantha stitch embroidery from West Bengal are a few of the gorgeous examples of craftwork that are showcased. The Taj Mahotsav is sought after by over three-hundred artisans to display their works.

Where: Taj Mahal, Agra
When: February
Famous for: Fine & Performing Arts

Surajkund Crafts Mela

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The Surajkund Crafts Mela first began in 1987. Today, it is organized by the collaboration of the Haryana Government and the Surajkund Mela Authority. The festival is held on a grand scale with over one thousand working huts showcasing local and international crafts. One state of India is chosen every year to present its original works and exhibits, which represent the state’s own culture. These include regional dance and acrobatic performances, handicrafts and artefacts, theatre workshops, clothing and cuisine. Thus, with each year, a new aspect of diverse India is witnessed, and visitors are enthralled by the refreshing energy of variety.

Where: Surajkund, Faridabad
When: February
Famous for: Fine & Performing Arts

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival
Image – Joegoauk69 Via Flickr

A celebration of joy that continues for three days, the Goa Carnival is a brilliant example that embodies the spirit of celebration unique to India. Beginning two days after Easter, it puts on display the energy and enthusiasm that paint the state’s culture. The carnival boasts of grand masquerades, flamboyant costumes, lilting musical parades, exquisite street plays, and dance performances rich with characteristics of the region.

Where: Panjim, Goa
When: February
Famous for: Fine & Performing Arts

Jaipur Literature Festival

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At the Jaipur Literature Festival, wonderful writers and thinkers come together to exchange ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations. This annual festival is a haven for readers, students, literature enthusiasts, intellectuals, and philosophers. Significant authors launch their books during this event. They hold book readings and discussions to enrich the knowledge of the listeners through philosophy and art. Graceful performances of Indian classical music and folk dances adorn the atmosphere of this enriching festival. Undoubtedly, it is one of the largest art fairs in India.

Where: Jaipur, Rajasthan
When: February
Famous for: Literature & Performing Arts

Rajasthan International Folk Festival

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Against the gorgeous, golden sand dunes of the Thar Desert, the Rajasthan International Folk Festival delivers an unprecedented presentation of folk music and art. It showcases the rich heritage of India’s rustic musical flavors and exciting art forms to an international audience as well. Several enhancing workshops are organized during the morning hours to provide detailed knowledge to the visitors and guests. There are also exhibitions of Indian musical instruments.

Where: Jodhpur, Rajasthan
When: October
Famous for: Folk Performing Arts

Cartist Automobile Art Festival and Yatra

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The CARTIST organization of Jaipur brings into fusion automobile and art. It promotes young artists and the concept of exhibiting art in the well-exposed and mobile canvas of vehicles. It is a festival that celebrates the charms and innovation of the modern, young artist. Cars, trucks and other automobiles are brought to life with quirky colors, graphics, Indian motifs and psychedelic patterns. CARTIST Yatras are also organized, which are a mobile exhibition of vehicles painted with enticing brush strokes. The Yatras span across the country and stop at all major metropolitan centers.

Where: Jaipur, Rajasthan
When: Nov
Famous for: Automobile Art & Performing Arts

Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa

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The Serendipity Arts Festival showcases a magnificent congregation of rising artists who are exceptionally skilled in their portrayal of life through their art. It spreads its grand canvas across Panaji, Goa and includes visual arts, crafts, theatre, music, dance, photography, and culinary arts. All these brilliant works commingle to please in terms of aesthetic and intellect.

Where: Panaji, Goa
When: Nov
Famous for: Visual & Performing Arts

A visit to any of the art fairs in India, elevates their learning and merriment. It is not a wonder that countless people look forward to these events every year. The art fairs in India are organized for the artists, by the artists. They are the hubs of creativity, where people from across the globe, come together for one holistic goal.

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