Arunachal Pradesh Food – Unique Delicacies from the Land of Mountains


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Food is an original and primary feature that piques the curiosity of people exploring a new place. Good food rich in authentic flavors and spice particular to a place gives an insight into the tradition and culture of the place. Northeast India is an area that generates interest because of its wonderful scenic beauty, culture, and unique delicacies. 

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the sister states of Northeast India. Arunachal Pradesh is rich with natural wonders, generations of tradition, and flavourful foods. The state is home to many tribal communities. All the communities have their distinctive tastes, which come together to form the delicacies of Arunachal Pradesh. 

In this article, we bring to you some of the unique Arunachal Pradesh food. To all the readers who like to explore cuisines, do read on. The state has to offer a lot of lip-smacking delicacies. Read on to find the dishes that suit your taste buds. 

Bamboo Shoot

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Bamboo shoot is one of the staple foods of Arunachal Pradesh and other North-Eastern states of India. The bamboo shoot’s taste is very delicate and is a part of many dishes. Bamboo shoot is a staple food and is a common accompaniment in vegetables, meat, and also in making pickles. The locals of Arunachal Pradesh marinate the bamboo shoots with different spices and store them for later use. The tingling and authentic taste of the food grows to become a favorite amongst tourists also. Many new visitors to the state become great fans of bamboo shoots. They often try to get their hands on packets of bamboo shoot pickles as a token of remembrance.  

Chura Sabzi 

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Chura Sabzi is a traditional curry dish of Arunachal Pradesh. The key ingredients of this dish are fermented cheese and dashes of chili flakes. The fermented cheese is unique and authentic to the state, and Yak or cow’s milk make the cheese. Chura Sabzi with a steaming plate of rice is a popular combination. This dish leaves a trail of tingling sensation because of the zing of chilies. Chura Sabzi is a famous dish of Arunachal Pradesh, and for those who prefer spicy foods, do give this dish a try.  


Arunachal-Pradesh-Food, Ngatok
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The North-Eastern states of India are famous for their non-vegetarian dishes. Meat and fish are part of the staple foods. Ngatok is a popular fish stew of Arunachal Pradesh. The flavors of the dish come from lemongrass, herbs, and other traditional spices. Ngatok is enjoyable both as an independent stew or a side dish. The primitive style of preparing this dish is also very unique. The fishes are wrapped in banana leaves and covered with charcoal. A hot stone is also a part of the cooking process. The aromatic smell of the spices and the charcoal is drool-worthy. One must try this dish for themselves to experience the rich delicacies Arunachal Pradesh has to offer. 


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Pasa is another fish dish of the state. It is a soup made with fresh or raw fish. It is a hearty and very fulfilling dish that is in more demand during the winter season. Green chili, ginger, garlic, meat paste, khumpatt leaves, makat, and fish, make the soup rich in taste. A bowl of pasa will make your heart happy and your stomach full. Those of you who are a fan of fish items try this soup dish to get a new taste and take on fish dishes.  


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Pickles are an indigenous side dish popular in India. Different states have distinctive styles and ingredients for making pickles, and Arunachal Pradesh also has its fair share of famous pickles, even among people of other forms of India. 


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Pehak is a chutney made with fermented soya bean and king chili. It is an authentic local dish of Arunachal Pradesh that is very popular among all who try it. The fiery and tart taste of pehak goes very well with rice and Lukter, another traditional dish of the state. One must taste this dish for themselves, and if the taste suits you, you will be a happy customer in the local markets. 

Pika Pila  

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Pika pila is a famous pickle popularly made by the Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. The main ingredients of this pickle are bamboo shoot and pork fat, along with the mandatory King chili. The taste is very hot, perfect for having it with rice or flatbreads.  


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Lukter is a meat dish of Arunachal Pradesh. There are no fancy ingredients in the recipe of making this dish, and it is a straightforward dish made with cooked dry meat and Bhut Jolokia, the famous king chili flakes. The spicy and authentic taste of Lukter can be a side dish or enjoyed as is. The meat fans visiting the state must try this for themselves and enjoy the local style of dry meat. 


There are two trendy local beverages of Arunachal Pradesh. These drinks are- 


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Apong is a local rice beer and is a popular traditional drink among the locals of Arunachal Pradesh. This drink is homemade and is naturally devoid of any chemicals, and the locals enjoy it during special occasions. 


Marua is also a traditional homemade drink of the state. For this drink, millet is the key ingredient instead of rice.  

Both these drinks are part of the tradition of the state. Consumption of these drinks causes a light buzz. The natural quality of the drinks makes it a popular choice, and a glass or two of these will cause nothing to worry about.

These dishes of Arunachal Pradesh are rich in the traditional spice and herbs primitive to the state, and the locals enjoy it as their staple food. Visitors who are curious about the different delicacies of India must try out these local delicacies of Arunachal Pradesh. Most people fall in love with the authentic taste of the foods and crave more. 

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