Don’t Miss The Flavoursome Bangalore Cuisine at these Popular Joints


Bangalore attracts people from different Indian states due to the many opportunities it offers. It would not be an exaggeration to call it a mini India because of the same reason. In fact, these people are now very much a part of Bangalore. Right from the language to local festivals, they are adopting everything that is uniquely Bangalore including cuisine. Even the people from other states are all praise for the savoury Bangalore cuisine.

Here is a list of the popular Regional Bangalore Cuisine:

Benne Masala Dosa

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Benne Dosa is a crispy, shimmering dosa with dollops of butter. The glossy brown edges are simply a visual delight. The inner layer of dosa is quite succulent and really filling. The balanced stuffing of spicy mashed potato adds just the right variation to the crispy, subtle taste of the dosa. Complement it with tangy green chutney and white chutney to tantalize your taste buds.

Best eaten as: Dinner

Want to try?

If you like to savour the authentic, traditionally prepared and flavoursome Benne Dosa then head straight for Davangere Benne Masala. These people don’t just make Benne Masala Dosa, they craft it carefully… to perfection. The earthen Tawas they use give the cuisine its trademark rustic aroma while the firewood stove slowly cooks every inch of the dosa, instead of speeding up the process like modern gas stoves. There is also the liberal quantity of oil used that not only adds to the ‘cosmetic appeal’ of the dosa but also help its aroma penetrate your senses and linger.

Feel like it? There are several branches of Davangere joints in Bangalore so the taste can differ but the best belong to the joint situated at Basaveshwaranagar Dosa Camp on 8th main road.

Best Served at:
Basaveshwaranagar Dosa Camp
8th main road, 3rd Phase,
Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore – 79
Landmark: Street across Gold’s Gym (on the Polar Bear Icecream lane)

A Tip: The Dosa is really filling. So, leave a good amount of space in your stomach. Starving a bit is not bad especially if done for succulent dosa.

Maddur Vada

Image – Aturquoisecloud

Maddur Vada is a crunchy delight that requires a tad effort to crack; also the crackling sounds while eating has an appetizing effect. It looks like a crispy cracker, usually round in shape, but twice the size. This spicy delight contains many bits of different tastes popping out with each bite: the sharp taste of cumin, spicy chilly, sour sesame, and buttery peanut. The different tastes find a perfect background in the subtle, subdued flavour of fermented rice.

Once you have cracked its crispy crust, the silky core melts into the mouth with little effort. Dip it into tomato or coconut chutney to make it more succulent. Prefer the coconut chutney over tomato because the contrasting texture offered by coconut chutney is quite unmatched.

Want to tantalize your taste buds? Go to MTR, even at the risk of being blamed for partiality. That is because the Maddur Vada of MTR is just superb and will leave you wanting more.

Best eaten as: An evening snack

Best Served at:
MTR – MTR Locations and Timings

Two Tips:

  • Substitute cookies with Maddur Vada while drinking a cup of south Indian coffee. You would love it, promise!
  • These crispy delicacies do not spoil or get moist very easily, so better eat some and pack a few to keep on enjoying the taste of this crunchy snack whenever you have a cup of south Indian coffee or tea.

Bisi Bele Bath

Image – MTR

This rice-lentils-vegetable cuisine is as elaborate as the name suggests. The preparation of this cuisine is detailed and comprises several steps. Eat it every other day and it will lose its appeal. So use it only to break the boring uniformity of your staple diet.

Though it uses lots of vegetables, it is far from Biriyani in taste because of the toor dal. While you eat Bisi Bele Bath, different tastes of lentil, vegetables and rice blends harmoniously with each other, giving you a distinct, fulfilling experience. Ideally, it uses no onion or garlic which means you won’t find the tangy, strong tastes interfering with your experience. It does uses tangy tamarind but the sweet jaggery mellows it down perfectly. Crispy papad, potato chips or coconut chutney act as perfect companions.

Drooling yet? Go to MTR. The place offers the best Bisi Bele Bath in the world or in South India. I can bet you won’t get better Bisi Bele Bath in Bangalore anyway.

Best served as: A filling lunch

Best Served at:
MTR – MTR Locations and Timings

Two tips:

  • It is quite a detailed dish that deserves appreciation with each bite. So, don’t eat it until you have the luxury of time to enjoy each moment. In short, Bele Bath is not just any other food. It is a perfect way to celebrate the occasion we call meal time.
  • There would be different cooks and each has his own style. So if you like the taste, make sure you know which cook made it so you can ask for the same quality every time. It is difficult but worth it.

Sweet Paniyaram

Image – Shobskitchen

The sweet smell wafting from these porous, light weight balls called paniyaram is enough to intoxicate you. Soft and spongy as cake, they have a certain quaint taste. While the use of jaggery makes them sweet and filling, the right amount of cardamoms add a royal character to the taste. No matter whether you have eaten a good serving of rice or just plain dosa, paniyaram is the best way to conclude a meal.

Got a sweet tooth? Well, go to Chevron Hotel. It is good, soft and won’t disappoint you.

Best Served as: Dessert

Best Served at:
Chevron Hotel

Two tips:

  • There are many varieties of Paniyaram and you might not always get a sweet paniyaram there.
  • Paniyaram can be quite heavy. But as it is sweet, you might be enticed into eating more quantity that you can easily digest. So while eating Sweet Paniyaram, always make sure that you listen to your stomach rather than your heart.


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