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Author – Phillip Johnson

Humans need a medium to rely on for accomplishing tasks even if it is regarding the worship of a supreme power. In the quest to connect to our gods, we have discovered that worshiping an idol makes us feel more positive.  It offers a sense of calmness whenever we bow our heads in front of divine sculptures. Among various deities that are known to bring positivity and peace to homes, Buddha Statue or idols have always topped the charts.

Buddha Sculpture

No matter the size of the idol of any deity, placing one in a living area helps to enhance the ambiance. Such statues are available in different forms and material; however, you can buy brass statues online to get rid of the tiresome shopping experience if you choose to buy these idols from local stores. Buddha rupas are depicted in different forms. However, you can always choose the ones that are listed here.

  • Blessing Buddha with bowl
  • Asthamangala Buddha
  • Medicine Buddha brass sculpture
  • Serene blessing Buddha sculpture

Besides Buddha, the Hindus adore and worship a number of deities as per the belief of their community and religious culture. Among other names, Saraswati holds an eminent position as the goddess of wisdom and learning.

The Positives of Saraswati Statues for Sale


  • The goddess idols are believed to bring in perfection regarding knowledge of music, arts as well as learning to the devotee.
  • The prominent white color in Saraswati statues is a depiction of “Sattwa Guna” or purity.
  • “Hansa” or the swan with a Saraswati statue is believed to deliver the power of discrimination between the good and bad for those who idolize the deity.

When it comes to different deities’ idols, discussions about Ganesha statues become prominent. Here, we have attempted to explore the power and positives you can have with a Ganesha idol in your home.

Ganesha Statues as an In-thing


  • Ganesha is popularly revered as “Vinayaka”, which means the one who removes obstacles in your life.
  • Ganesha is believed to be the god of letters and learning; therefore, idolizing the god can help you sharpen your knowledge.
  • Popular as the god of beginnings, Ganesha is worshiped at the start of every auspicious event.

The list of Hindu deities described in various mythological tales is an epic in itself. There are a number of other deities that have been worshiped through idols since ages by the Hindu devotees. The collection of Hindu deities’ statues online is available at websites wherein these have been presented in different forms along with its attributes.

Whether it is a Ganesha idol, a Saraswati statue, Buddha icon, Krishna figure or any other idol of any other deity, you can have a nice collection of expertly crafted idols under your roof. Browsing these sites is easy as you get them with just a click. More than that, the home delivery option of receiving items at your doorstep is the best reward when considering online shopping with no hustle and bustle. In addition to this, there is no hassle as you can shop with few clicks of a computer mouse.

The benefits of shopping from online destinations are also growing as choices are available in abundance. In case, you have not got what you like, keep exploring before you settle for the item you wish to own. It only requires some time to devote to the search to get the reward of your choice.

Author bio: Being a devoted writer at Gangesindia.com, the author (Phillip Johnson) has a long association with the research that takes place to discover new and innovative beliefs about Hindu deities. He also takes it as a responsibility to inform the readers about his discoveries.

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