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The Oasis Festival by Vajor took place at Mehrauli under the dazzling background of the Qutub Minar. The festival brought together art and culture lovers from across the NCR region who made the two day event a learning and interacting bohemian experience. 

Held on 7th and 8th December, the Oasis festival was always meant to be an amalgamation of art, music, mindful fashion, home décor, collaborations, culture and cuisines. Caleidoscope was glad to partner with such an eclectic collection of art and cultural ensemble. 

Workshops and Trainings


There are various activities that powered the two day event. The Eshna Kutty Hoolahoop was a dance workshop that was an explosion of joy. Eshna Kutty through the workshop answered the much wondered question of, whether the hoola hoop can be considered as a dance form in the affirmative. 

The Desi Drama girl was busy teaching sequin design and simple embroidery techniques to those interested. The stall was stacked with hippie-inspired designs, slogans etc.

The Decoupage Training workshop trained enthusiasts on the French Renaissance craft that has become a rage among crafters at home. Illustrations by artists, such as Maryam Ahmed were also incorporated in the workshop.

Discussions and panels


Bringing together the best fashion designers of Delhi was the panel discussion on Detox Fashion. The discussion centered around sustainable fashion options, with some memorable quotes from panelists, such as, ‘Sustainability is not a destination, it’s a journey’ and ‘Consumers are taking baby steps towards sustainable fashion, so we need to move with them’.

Sustainable Shopping

And of course, there were multiple stalls selling a whole assortment of various things, a vivid potpourri of handcrafted and eco-friendly goods. 


There was Itihaskala by Khemka Charitable Trust selling tote bags and handbags designed by NIFT students, handcrafted by the underprivileged women of Ballabgarh in UP. 


WeAreLabeless was a wonderful place to buy upcycled garments and accessories at affordable prices. 


Nudeleaf was all about eating salads and fresh green vegetables in unique different ways. The greens are grown by the soil-less Hydroponics method that eliminates all possibility of food contamination. 


The Yogi Nursery stall displayed the prettiest of indoor plants and pots. No one who saw those lovable succulents could give an excuse of not having time to take care of plants.


The festival was also lined up with lots of jewelry stores.  However, these were very unique; imagine having to wear a chair or a hanger as earrings. Well, Oonth Jewelry had them. 


Nytaraa with its colorful range of soaps, conditioners and face washes was a hit. They even had an edible lip balm made from beetroot. 


Bili-Hu – Coffee with beans sourced from Chikmagalur in Karnataka was a perfect south meets north edition.

And to shake off the slumber on Sunday afternoon, there was Yugm with their musical renditions, such as the Raag se Bhairaag interspersed with the flute. 

Oasis Vajor Event

Overall, the Oasis festival achieved what it set out to do. It fulfilled its ‘vision to cultivate a community that breathes the mindful lifestyle and becomes a sustainable ecosystem of people and ideas’.


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