10 Dishes of Andhra Pradesh that Would Make You Fall in Love


‘Sugar and spice make everything nice’. India, the land of exotic spices, is known for its different dishes from various parts of the country. Be it the tribal dishes of the north, or the chili-induced curries of the south, from the Mughal’s introduction of the very famous biryani to the Persian style of bakery, India takes pride to hone its culinary skills over the long years since its many invasions. 

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Andhra Pradesh, the historical land of the Nawabs, is known for its spicy food all across the country. The southern part of the country had its many shares of rulers, and their individual and unique dishes are now a cultural asset of India. From their exotic biryani to a local variety of chutneys and pickles to the authentic southern dishes of Dosa and Vada, Andhra Pradesh is one of the gem states renowned for its culinary advances.

Here is a list of 10 dishes of Andhra Pradesh that would make you fall in love with it. 

1. Hyderabadi Biryani

Dishes of Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabadi Biryani
Image – Wikimedia Commons

When it’s the land of Nawabs, biryani is a must dish that needs to be part of its cultural heritage. A delectable taste of the perfect balance of spices, mouth-watering tender pieces of meat, and flavourful rice, it has been a strong contender in the fight of ‘Best Biryanis’ among the different styles. 

When a steaming plate of Hyderabadi biryani, be it mutton or chicken, is put in front of you, the rich aromatic smell, the compelling visuals of the perfectly thin rice and tender meat in beautiful vibrant colour is bound to make any gloomy day better with its first bite. When the local spice meets the royal biryani, usually served with Mirchi ka salan and raita, it has become a tourist attraction for every new visitor in the state and is also a comfort food for the locals. 

2. Pulihora

Dishes of Andhra Pradesh - Pulihora
Image – Wikimedia Commons

Pulihora, another rice dish, is an authentic local dish of Andhra Pradesh known for its tangy, sour, and salty taste. It is a dish that is a common site during festivities and family gatherings. The locals can make this dish very quickly given its minimum ingredients yet power-packed flavour, making it such a popular plate of food. A delicate balance of tamarind, curry leaves, tomatoes and mustard seeds, Pulihora, also known as Chitrannam, is a must-try when visiting the state.

3. Pesarattu 

Dishes of Andhra Pradesh - Pesarattu 
Image – Wikimedia Commons

Dosa is a typical dish in the entire southern region, but this variety originated particularly in Andhra Pradesh. Pesarattu, a dosa variant, is a crepe of green gram batter and a small portion of rice flour. It is a healthy recipe for breakfast or a light snack. Served with tamarind or ginger chutney or any other choice or preference of chutney, the dish serves an authentic Andhra taste.

The locals are masters in whipping up fine, thin Pesarattu within the blink of an eye as they keep the batter handy by storing it properly and estimating its good shelf life. Pesarattu can be had either at some friends’ place who belong to the state or found in many food corners across the state. 

4. Gutti Vankaya Koora 

Dishes of Andhra Pradesh - Gutti Vankaya Koora
Image – Wikimedia Commons

A special shoutout to all the vegetarians out there, and of course, the non-vegetarians are always welcome too; It is a dish that will make you want to learn the recipe to try out when craving something spicy. It is a beautiful, tasty curry with stuffed eggplants; a dish made with aromatic roasted herbs and delicate seasoning to bring out an authentic Andhra taste. 

A thick curry induced with a local taste of tamarind and mustard seeds; the dish will make you want more. Paired with roti or rice, the flavorful dish will make you want to try it again even when you are not physically present in the state of Andhra Pradesh. 

5. Akura Pappu 

Image – Online Aduge

Whoever thinks healthy and tasty cannot go hand-in-hand should give this dish a try. It is a dal recipe of good old healthy spinach. It is delicious and breaks away from the stereotype that all Andhra dishes are either spicy or tangy. This dish has its fair share of local spices and taste, making it other must-tries when visiting the place. 

6. Gongura Mamsam 

Image – Shaziya’s Recipes

A prevalent mutton curry dish made with sorrel leaves, Gongura Mamsam, is another delectable meat dish rich in Andhra style. Sorrel leaves, with their distinctive flavour, when meets the local spices, a burst of flavour meets your taste buds in every spoonful. The visual of the food is a rich red colour with red chillies popping every here and there. Gongura Mamsam goes well with steamed rice or roti and even Dosa. 

7. Panasa Pottu Koora

Dishes of Andhra Pradesh - Panasa Pottu Koora
Image – Bethica’s Kitchen Flavours

The Andhra jackfruit curry, Panasa Pottu Koora, is another healthy and tasty dish. The unripe jackfruit is famous for its health benefits like curbing diabetes and weight. It is a dish with the perfect balance of Andhra spices and coconut masala without dominating the authentic jackfruit taste. This curry can be a fulfilling savoury plate of food with its balanced flavour and health benefits. 

8. Shikampuri Kebab 

Dishes of Andhra Pradesh - Shikampuri Kebab
Image – Wikimedia Commons

One of the 10 dishes of Andhra Pradesh is this mouth-watering Nawabi dish. Kebabs are in itself tempting to every meat lover. The minced meat, when flavoured with yoghurt, chana dal and exotic spices, the result is a platter that visitors must not miss. A soft, delicate, finely balanced taste of meat when dipped with mint curd, the sensations our taste buds receive will stay with us for a long time. 

9. Pootharekulu 

Dishes of Andhra Pradesh - Pootharekulu 
Image – Wikimedia Commons

After all the savoury dishes, it’s now time to end on a sweet note. Pootharekulu is a trendy sweet dish that originated in Andhra Pradesh. The name means ‘coated sheet’ in Telugu. Here the ‘coated sheet’ is nothing but wafer-thin rice sheets layered and stuffed with sugar, dry fruits and nuts. The visual of the food in itself is very tempting to all sweet lovers, looking like rice sheet rolls stuffed with sweet delight. Pootharekulu has a very distinct history, tracing its origin in Atreyapuram, making it a unique sweet of the state. 

10. Paramannam 

Image – Wikimedia commons

Kheer, a delicious concoction of milk, rice and sugar, has been a part of the Indian culture for time immemorial. The different states across India have their style of kheer. Paramannam is a kheer dish with style unique to the state of Andhra Pradesh. Made on occasions of festivities, a bowl at the end is the perfect way to end an authentic Andhra meal. 

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These dishes would make you love Andhra Pradesh and make you visit again. India’s vastness, regional culture and diversity, each state has its delicacies that are a must-tries for new visitors. Here are some of the many authentic dishes of Andhra Pradesh for visitors to try when visiting the state. Both its geography and food make a place complete, and the unique style of the dishes of Andhra Pradesh will give the visitors a wholesome feel. 

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  1. Awesome. Very tempting. Got an idea of so many dishes of Andhra for the first time. Normally we look for only those dishes which we had tasted, we don’t venture out. Very good attempt. Keep contributing.


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