Folk Dance Forms of Central India


We have covered the folk dances forms of North Indian and looked at some of the folk dances of Northeast India. In this section lets us explore the folk dances of central India.

Rajasthan, Madhy Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa are the states that we will look at for the folk dances of central India.


garba dance importance
Image – Restless mind via Flickr

Dandiya and Garba are by far the most popular folk dances from Gujarat that has found mass following across the world. The other folk dances of Gujarat are Tippani, Padhar, Hudo, Aagawa and more.

Madhya Pradesh

Matkidance Malwa – Source Facebook

The Grida dance is a traditional dance where more than one village joins together to perform the dance. The Maanch is a folk drama rather than a continuous dance from, whereas, the Matki dance practiced in Malwa region is performed usually during weddings with earthen pots over the dancers head. The Phulpati, Jawara, Bhagoria and Tertali are other folk dances of Madhya Pradesh.


Tarpha Nach – Source Youtube

The Kokna tribe performs the Tarpha Nach using a wind instrument called tarpha or pavri. Lavani is however a popular folk dance of Maharashtra also popularized by cinema.


Folk-Dance-Forms-of-Central-India Ghoomer Dance
Ghoomer Dance – Koshy Koshy Via Flickr

Ghoomer performed by women in magnificent lehengas as they swirl around is Rajasthan most famous folk dance. The Kalbelia community performs the Kalbelia where the dance movements and costumes resemble a serpent. The other folk dances of Rajasthan are Kachchhi Ghodi and Tera Tali.


Fugdi Dance

The Fugdi is the dance performed by women of the Konkan region during various festivals, such as Vrata and Ganesh Chaturthi.

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