The 8 Mouth-Watering Food of Rajasthan You Must-Try!


Food of Rajasthan

It is truly rightly said that “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” The myriad cuisines found in India are simply immaculate and one that specifically stands out remains the cuisine of the state of Rajasthan. The state is known for its snacks that we enjoy every evening with the Lushun ki chutney, which is yet another gift given to us by this great state. Apart from that, the intense appetizers, spicy dishes, and sabzis as well as how can one forget my favorite part of the meal that is desserts, will surely get you drooling. Rajasthani dishes are the red chilies that are added to avoid the loss of water but enhance the taste anyway. Here is a list of the mouth-watering food of Rajasthan that you simply have to try when visiting the state.

1. Laal Maas

Food of Rajasthan-Laal-Maas
Image – Alpha/Flickr

A discourse to Rajasthan is simply incomplete without Rajasthan’s very own, Laal Maas. This traditional meat curry is made using varied ingredients such as of course, meat, in a thick gravy of yogurt and countless spices but to give it its signature spicy element are the Mathania red chilies. It is typically served along with bajra rotis and is a crown jewel of the Rajasthani Cuisine. Its brilliance is derived from its bright red color that simply catches your attention towards this must-try dish.

2. Gatte Ki Subzi

Food of Rajasthan-Gatte-Ki-Subzi
Image –Wikimedia

This next stop on what is truly a flavorful journey is a staple of every Rajasthani household, Gatte ki Subzi. There isn’t a single Rajasthani thali that is served without this delicacy. The preparation varies from region to regions such as the aromatic Masala Gatte and Shai Gatte, which is aptly named, to say the least. The Gatte which are ground flour dumplings, taste scrumptious in the hot gravy which is composed of mainly yogurt, and of course, it wouldn’t be a Rajasthani dish, without adding in a complete variety of spices.

3. Ker Sangri

Food of Rajasthan-Ker-Sangri
Image – Rekha the Indian Mom

This dish derives its name from its ingredients itself: the dried Ker berries and the Sangri beans are nothing if not a match made in heaven for they combine to form a delectable authentic Rajasthani delicacy and this is a sabzi that everyone must simply try once in their life. It goes amazingly with bajre ki roti, another specialty of the state, and the cherry on top, in this case, would be the delightful butter on top. This dish is known for its spice but it also provides a tangy flavor due to the addition of raisins to the recipe, guaranteed to make its taste unforgettable.

4. Dal Bati Churma

Food of Rajasthan-Dal Bati Churma

If asked to name a dish practically synonymous with Rajasthan, the answer would be without a doubt, Dal Bati Churma. The Punchkuti Dal, the stuffed semolina and flour Bati with the delightful Churma on the side for anyone with a sweet tooth is to every Rajasthani, the definition of a perfect dinner. It further completely suits the climate of Rajasthan as limited water is required for its preparation and can also be stored for a long time so you know what the next day’s breakfast is going to be.

5. Methi Bajra Poori

Image – Sharmis Passions

The name of the dish exemplifies its meaning. A deep-fried bajra poori made from the healthy yet delicious methi is yet another staple of every Rajasthani household. This is prominently prepared and eaten in the winter season and provides the inhabitants with some much-needed comfort on which they can munch. Eating it with curries or sabzis adds to this puffy snack’s delight. The bajra added gives it a unique taste with an earthy and crunchy feel in the perfect balance.

6. Churma Ladoo

Rajasthan Food-Churma Ladoo

Ladoo is a word that can make anyone with a sweet tooth start drooling. Now imagine every Indian household’s staple dessert with a Rajasthani spin: the only word that comes to mind is yum! Churma Ladoos are also prominent in the state of Gujarat. Its main ingredients include flour, jaggery which makes this a healthier alternative as well as how can one forget, desi ghee. You can add poppy seeds to relish the taste. These Ladoos are made on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in the state.

7. Mawa Kachori

Image –

Kachori remains a favorite among the entire country and is known for its savory flavor but a sweet Kachori? Confusing, isn’t it? Well, what might sound like an abomination is a culinary delight. This Kachori is filled with some scrumptious khoya and is then deep-fried to create a true masterpiece that one simply must try out. This is a dessert that you can eat after lunch, dinner, or as a guilty pleasure. The cherry on top is the added richness provided by dry fruits such as cashews, raisins, almonds, just to name a few.

8. Ghevar

Rajasthan Food-Ghewar

The Teej Festival is certainly a joyous festival celebrated by the people of Rajasthan and they express their joy through some truly delectable food, amongst which is the sweet delight of Ghevar. The shape of this dessert resembles the shape of a disc that is prepared using maida which derives its inherent sweetness from being soaked in sugar sauce. The preparation can vary from household to household and is considered mainly three varieties: plain, mawa, and malai.

Is reading about the amazing delicacies of the state making you hungry? I’m sure you’re not the only one. The cuisine of the state greatly reflects its culture and when it comes to Rajasthan, neither will disappoint. After all, there is a reason the state is also referred to as the Land of Maharajas. So, let us know in the comments section below about the finger-licking good dish of Rajasthan that you want to try out!

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