How to Go Green with Indian Ethnic Home Decor


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Whenever we think of Indian ethnic home decor, we instantly picture colourful rugs with patterns and stripes, unusual materials such as bamboo and top-quality fabrics such as damask and cotton. In terms of accessories, the Indian style is all about artefacts and vintage cultural paintings, candles and seasonal flowers. The country’s main religion is Hinduism, which basically means adorning your home with Zen like accessories, hardwood furniture that looks outdated, and bright hues of pink and purple.

However, there’s more to the Indian ethnic home décor than meets the eye. Here are some tips on making your home feel and look greener, while still preserving Indian cultural aspects:

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Cultural décor accents

Urban Desi is a great Indian ethnic style that you might want to include in your home. It is a combination of modern and vintage styles that will ensure your place is cosy and comfortable. Keep the décor clean and simple. In the living room, everything should to have clean lines. A clutter-free space breathes comfort, and your guests will be instantly drawn to the Indian home décor. Change your living area’s main structure and colour of the walls. Non-VOC paint is highly recommended since toxic chemical free and eco-friendly. Add some cushions, new curtains and fluffy rugs to give your space a brand new soft feel.

Bring the place alive with fresh plants

Fresh plants are yet another excellent way of bringing some Zen into your home. Choose colourful seasonal varieties in hues of purple, yellow, white and pink. Orchids, Yucca plants, bonsais and delias can transform your home into a living, breathing garden on a budget. Many homeowners have grown fond of the Indian sense of style, mainly because it is so lively and colourful. Fresh indoor plants are not just meant to fill blank spaces; they also fill your home with fresh air and complement a dull décor. Do you have a sense of style in mind? Great, then your personal style will look with fresh plants and flowers spread all around the living area.

green home decor
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Rugs and curtains

India is famous for its ethnic rugs and high-quality curtains with golden stripes and purple hues. Revamp your window draperies and your place will look completely different. Choose some eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, polyester, or recycled cotton. These are affordable and are incredibly resistant to sunlight. Pops of colours are in trend this season; bright yellow with hints of black, royal blue and reds are everywhere. Use the suitable combo for your bedroom or living room curtains, and the final result will blow away your visitors!


Accessorizing your home on a budget is something everyone can do; but you need to do it smart. Pillows, blankets, mini rugs, coasters, candles and paintings are highly recommended. To preserve the Indian ethnic style, find out more about the country’s customs and traditions. Chinaware in the dining room, golden bowls and glasses, decorative bells and paintings inspired by Indian culture will definitely make your home the abode of peace and tranquillity.

Play with some colours and go bold. Bright accents of red and purple, golden and yellow pillows on the sofa, and striped rugs are specific to India. To complete the home décor, include scented candles and aromatic sticks. You will love the end result the moment you walk into your newly decorate living room.

Indian ethnic home decor
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There is a wallpaper on most Indian homes because unlike sheer paint, wallpaper adds movement. It fills up a space and makes it cosy and comfortable. Pick a design that best complements your personal sense of style, and don’t be afraid to improvise. Spice things up with colours and décor items that calm you – artificial flowers might be a good idea, and even paintings with Indian scenery and natural landscapes. If you don’t know where to start, ask for help or search the web for assistance. You can find more information about Indian ethnic home décor, oilcloth fabric styles, and ways to blend vintage accents with modern accessories. Add a personal touch too; at the end of the day, it’s your home and you have the right to customize it as you see fit.


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