How Much Does Fine Art School Cost in India?


Fine Art School Cost in India

Art is a way of experiencing life, and India has always been famous for its vivacious culture. The maintenance of the ancient cave art at Bhimbetka is a testimony to this. Through the pages of history, clay work, pottery, and other work of Indus Valley civilization have garnered the attention of experts till date. The Mughals and Persians were also patrons of the fine arts and helped it reach new heights. Moreover, let us not forget that India got independence from the British raj and has housed artistic geniuses like Raja Ravi Varma, Jamini Roy and MF Hussain ever since. After you decide which college to choose, you may be interested in getting help with your admission essay, and services like will help you with that.

It is common for a country with a huge history of arts to have a great number of youngsters interested in arts. As a result, to cater to the huge population, there are several Fine Art Schools in India of par excellence. Among thousands of universities offering such courses, here are the top nine of them that could provide you with the utmost services for fine arts.

1. College of Art New Delhi

The fee structure reasonably stands at around 55,500 for a three year course, amounting to approximately 18,500 annually. Ultimately students can get their goods of painting. It will foster a great way for students to come up with their fresh artistic marvels weekly. Moreover, another major thing about this fine arts institution is that they will prepare you from the ground level. One does not need to have the prerequisite knowledge, just an interest in the field is enough to be eligible for this course.

2. Faculty of visual arts, Banaras Hindu University

Another institution of excellence in the field of fine arts. The institution has a fee structure of 1.53 lakh annually. The institution has always been one of the major custodians of the Hindu form of arts and its adaptability and enhancement of the course material through time has solidified this university as a frontrunner for decades.

3. Sir J College of Applied art, Mumbai

The fee structure of the Bachelor of Fine Arts stands for 75 000 annually with total fees summed up to 3 lakhs for four years. They provide several scholarships for the same. This institution’s notable feature is that it is located centrally in the city known as the heart of art and culture of the nation. The college is one of the first institutions of its kind in the country and was established its way back in the year 1879 in the colonial era of India. The prime reason for founding the university was imparting European culture to native Indians. Over the years, the university has played an important role in harnessing the country’s culture and art.

4. Faculty of fine arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara

The fee structure of this college ranges from 16,700 to 49,200 depending on what course one chooses annually. What sets this institution apart from the other is that it sets the gender ratio to 1:1. This is done to foster equality and promote fairness of arts and culture among all its students.

5. Faculty of fine arts, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

The university offers both regular and part-time courses in the field of fine arts with its fees starting at 12,000. Furthermore, the sheer number of electives that are offered to its students is laudable. The college has an excellent infrastructure.

6. College of fine arts, Trivandrum

The college is one of the top institutions, with one of its remarkable features being that there are 50% of seats are unreserved, whereas the other 50% are then allotted to the ST, SC, and OBC candidates in the proportions of 8%, 15%, and then 27% respectively. Established in 1881, the fee structure of this institution is a little on the higher side which stands at around Rs 2.68 lakh annually.

7. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and fine arts university, Hyderabad

The fees of fine arts in the institution is Rs 20,000 annually. There are numerous amounts of scholarships that are offered for all those who cannot afford the same. Moreover, the college boasts of distinguished highly qualified faculty, and most of whom have more than two decades of experience in the fine arts faculty. The staff here is extremely learned and due to the praiseworthy student-teacher ratio, the students get a lot of hands-on experience to work with their faculty members.

8. Government College of fine arts, Chennai

The art courses in this institution offer a good number of opportunities to their students. Most people who have graduated from this place recently are working as faculty members in other institutions. The entire course’s fee structure is standing somewhere near Rs 3 lakhs in the institution.

9. Department of fine arts, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi

It is a private institution that was established back in 2006. The fee structure here is around 20,745 for a three year course. The notice here is that it is the most technologically advanced school of fine arts in the whole of India.

Disclaimer: All the fee details mentioned above are collected from the credible sources, but we cannot guarantee that the same will remain static for ever. Please do contact the college administration to get the latest fee structure.

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