How the Art of Drinking Tea has Changed My Life



Sometimes I’m overburdened by the amount of work I have to do, or simply by the daily mundane things in life which is enough to get me feeling stressed. Weather you’re someone who sits behind a laptop for 6 hours a day, or someone who loves playing football for those hours, there are some ways to destress which never change. For me tea is my Red Bull and it is enough to get me going any time of the day. 

The simple aroma of tea in my house changes my mood and adds to a fresh start even in the middle of the day. I’m not a traditional tea person, I love green tea. The market now is overcrowded with different flavours and brands of tea. I won’t lie to you, I’m a sucker for tea flavours and I have tried almost every other brand you can imagine. Mostly, I start off swiping on amazon and end up on the green tea tab sooner or later. My favourite section in the grocery store is also the tea section. I judge how boujee a grocery store is based on the different brands and flavours of teas it displays. My 6 year old sibling calls me an “Aunty” because I love tea so much. However, he cannot differentiate between traditional tea and green tea yet. 


There are some classics like green tea, lemon honey tea, gold old matcha, lemongrass tea and others. I used to love classics till I began falling in love with some offbeat flavours I tried recently. Tea Trunk manufactures some fantastic flavours like Marigold Green Tea, Charcoal Matcha, Berry Matcha and others. Their Marigold green tea comes with some real marigold flowers. Another tea I absolutely love is Kesar Pista green tea which has a fantastic aroma. 

There are many more fancy teas in the market. The one from TGL co. has dessert flavoured green teas. Their Strawberry vanilla takes it so far as to have dried pieces of strawberry inside the tea packet which bloom to look like strawberries once poured in hot water. The tea smells like ice cream but helps you to burn calories instead. 


I am very specific about the cups I drink my tea in as well. The cup is placed on my table throughout the day, even at the office and I try to make sure that it is inspiring and is related to something I really care about. I have 3 cups at home and all of them are related to trekking. One of the mugs is black in color and after I pour hot water in it, the mug suddenly displays a picture of me trekking for around 10 minutes, till the water stays hot after which the mug turns black again. 

Lately, Matcha has also got me hooked. However, it has caffeine and I try to not have it at night or I can’t fall asleep. I got a special wooden cup to make matcha, the traditional Japaneese way. I also got an electric whisker which is portable and it fits into my bag. I carry it with me wherever I go, and it is always in my purse (Yes, you will be shocked at the things women carry around in their purses). I also have a portable tea infuser which I carry with me wherever I go. This is steel in material and you can put tea leaves in it to infuse it in your water. There is no need to use a strainer after this. The tea infuser acts like a tea bag filled with tea leaves itself. 


Drinking green tea is like an art. There are several different ways you can make it, it’s all about what satisfies you the most. For me, I like the traditional old way of making green tea on the gas. But sometimes, I also like to simply heat the water in the kettle and use my infuser. It’s all about mood, but I do feel like an artist when I am picking my teas.

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