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Indian Handicrafts

As you already know, India is a place of culture. They have a lot of it! Indian handicrafts are one of the most famous souvenirs in this world that one can get. There is a whole group of Indian handicrafts, and we will just mention a few of them: pashmina shawls, pottery, carpet weaving, bamboo handicrafts, leather, shell, and many more…

Indian handicrafts are the heart and the soul of India. All of these products are being made with care and love, and a lot of hard work was put into making them the way they are.

There is no doubt that pashmina shawls are one of the most popular fashion accessories across the world. Pashminas are being made out of a fine type of wool called Kashmir. Kashmir is a super soft fabric. We assume that you did not know that most of the pashminas that are being sold worldwide actually came from India. And, you probably know that every woman that likes or follows fashion even the slightest bit owns at least one of the pashminas in their closet. They are just so soft and a must-have accessory.

Besides the pashmina shawls, Indian pottery is, as many popular magazines say the most sensual form of art that has ever existed. Pottery originally comes from North India. And there are many pottery products that you can find online, all of them are unique, in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You will not be disappointed if you decide to buy some of the Indian pottery.

In this article, we will be giving you a guide on how to find the best Indian handicrafts and which ones are safe to buy online.

Where to buy Indian handicrafts online?

There are many different Indian online stores where you can purchase their handicrafts. Some of them even ship the items worldwide. If you want to find a specific store that is legit and that has many customers, you can visit revExpo to find handicrafts reviews.

But, we will be presenting you with some of the legit stores where you can get yourself a piece of Indian handicraft.

Some of the government-approved Indian handicraft shops are Kala Madhyam, Rajasthali, and Dili Hat. We are sure that these companies are legit, but, we also like to support small businesses so that is why we recommend you search for more stores on the revExpo. You will be amazed at how much of those handicraft stores exist in India, but they have not got the recognition that they deserve.

  1. So, the first store that we find totally safe is the Dastkar Nature Bazaar that is based in New Delhi. You can visit their website on this link here: We are sure that you will be finding the best of the best Indian handicrafts in this store. They can offer you many different objects, such as Embroidered bags, Mata-ni-pachedi paintings, and many different sarees.
  2. The next store is the Sambhali Boutique that sells all different kinds of handicrafts. You can get many handicrafts that look really stylish, some of their handbags actually follow all of the latest trends. If you decide to buy from this Sambhali Boutique, you will be definitely getting a unique piece and everyone will look at you and envy you.
  3. Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park is a store that can offer you many handmade handicrafts. They make both textile and non-textile crafts. They work with metal, mud, wood, pottery, and even silver. We must say that we adore their tie-die bandhani’s. Just in case if you do not know what a Bandhani is, it is basically a shawl colored in different colors so that it has a unique pattern designed. You can find lots and lots of different handicrafts if you just visit their online store, and you can do so by clicking on the hyperlink above.
  4. And, the last store that we are going to be showing you is the Devrai Art Village. Trust us, their handicrafts are a true form of art. We have never, ever seen handicrafts like these. We must say that it takes a lot of talent, effort, and hard work in order to make something like this. You must see for yourself by visiting their website. They can make anything, any kind of sculpture. Eggs, animals, and even people sculptures. All of them are unique and took a lot of time to make. We simply adore their Buddha and Shiva sculptures as they look absolutely magnificent.

We hope that you will find handicrafts that you like and that you want to buy from one of these stores that we have shown you. All of them are magnificent and wonderful!

Is it safe to buy from these stores?

We think that it is beautiful that Indian people have a rich culture, and we simply adore their handicrafts. Yes, it is totally safe, and you should trust them. As we have previously mentioned, all of these websites are totally legit and professional. These stores are being visited by thousands of people daily. Some of the stores that we have mentioned are even government-approved stores. This means that you do not have to worry about getting scammed or receiving a damaged object.

We can assure you that many people across India and from around the world put their trust in these stores, and we can say that almost all of them were not disappointed. So, if you want to receive a good Indian handicraft object, you should for sure shop at one of these stores online. Avoid getting scammed, and shop safely!

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