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Handicraft is described as the human or mechanical manipulation of raw materials to create useful or decorative objects from clay, rock, paper, stone, and other materials by skilled artisans.The amount of talent, care, and skill that goes into creating these stunning sculptures is admirable. India’s crafts are diverse, with a rich history, culture, and religion. Each state’s craft reflects the impact of different empires. These crafts have been ingrained as a culture and custom in rural areas for ages.

Since time immemorial, Indian handicrafts have been admired and revered over the world, leaving everyone in amazement. India is a true blue shopper’s paradise, thanks to its abundant cultural legacy, which is represented in the intricateness of its handicrafts.

The Indian handicrafts sector includes over 7 million craftsmen and 67000 exporters that promote regional art and craftsmanship in both local and global markets. Women and other individuals from India’s rural areas make up the majority of these craftspeople. In other words, this sector employs a number of individuals from the poorer sections of society who earn a living from their creative works of art, and India is directing the preservation of its craftsmen, art, and handicrafts in this way.

Here is a list of ten websites to buy Indian Handicrafts Online that are bridging the maker-consumer divide:

1. ExclusiveLane 

Indian Handicrafts Online, ExclusiveLane 

ExclusiveLane was founded on a passion for handcrafted goods. The company handpicks handicraft items from rural craftsmen from various regions of India and allows them to uncover their abilities via their exquisite handicraft products. They are known for displaying diversity, heritage, and authentic items to urban customers at an accessible price while maintaining traditional art.  The company was founded with the express purpose of providing economic upliftment to craftsmen concerned with conserving the history of India’s handicrafts sector. Their mission is to maximise the use of handicrafts in urban India as well as in other nations and to make ancient traditional artisans aware of their international significance via their broad skill in the simplest way possible.


2. iTokri 


This online store for handicrafts, handlooms, fabrics, jewellery, paintings, and other artworks is India’s only crafts and loom retailer with a complete inventory of handmade artisanal products ranging from phulkari dupattas in Punjab and bandhani sarees in Gujarat to ikkat handloom fabrics in Andhra Pradesh and pattachitra paintings in Odisha. With over 100,000 entries, it is the largest curated marketplace for art and handicraft products, sourcing things such as jewellery, garment materials, and home items from around 10,000 craftsmen across India. Every day, the portal adds 500 or more new goods. Every order from Gwalior-based iTokri includes a handwritten note on recycled paper and a handmade trinket neatly wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, making it one of the most popular e-commerce portals among a discerning domestic and global audience interested in Indian handicraft and handloom products.

Website https://www.itokri.com/

3. India Craft House

Indian Handicrafts Online, India Craft House

The India Craft House is a web portal that showcases some of the world’s most ancient and exquisite craft styles. This social company was founded about ten years ago with the goal of preserving, showcasing, and sharing the talent of India’s craftsmen with the rest of the world. They want to be able to enhance the dignity of the Indian artisan in our own manner, as well as spark interest and support for an unrivalled history of the craft that spans millennia and extends across the whole country. It is their goal to develop an undoubtedly distinct collection of traditional art and craft that has been turned into a range of stunning, contemporary items. They have built partnerships with over 2000 artists directly and via colleagues throughout the years. The major goal is to empower Indian artisans and build up a group of people who are often overlooked.


4. Akkaara 

Indian Handicrafts Online, Akkaara

Akkaara was formed from traditional stories, dusty workshops, and the fragrance of the ground. Each piece in the Akkaara line is handcrafted to magnificent imperfection and tells the narrative of its unique personality. Akkaara creates high-end lifestyle goods influenced by folklore and traditional crafts. Their items are produced by artists who have polished their expertise over years of experience. Each item in the collection has been meticulously created. Concern for the material, concern for the artists, and concern for the tradition, Akkaara seeks to resurrect what has been lost via each product: the exquisite beauty of ancient arts, the cultural legacy of generations of crafters, and the recollection of age-old stories steeped in traditional knowledge and folklore.


5. Kopái – Paar

Indian Handicrafts Online, Kopái – Paar

The development and support of the handicraft community is both vital and urgent. It is critical for the grassroots growth of local communities as well as the preservation of fading crafts and traditions passed down through generations. Kopái – Paar was inspired by this notion and is driven by passion for the handcrafted. They think that every donation, no matter how small, is beneficial, and that supporting crafts, craftsmen, and artists must be a deliberate decision. In the heart of India, in its villages, men and women produce one-of-a-kind artisan creations using the naturally accessible resources. They collaborate closely with the craftspeople to learn their processes and develop one-of-a-kind, long-lasting objects with an emphasis on inventive, eye-catching patterns and exceptional quality. 


6. Ekaa

Indian Handicrafts Online, Ekaa

Goddess Durga is the sacred manifestation of Shakti, the feminine force that pervades the cosmos. As Shiva’s spouse, she morphed into Ekaa, the world’s most powerful God and the sole source of all energy. Their new collection of high-quality items is a representation of this very Ekaa. Each piece is created by expert local craftsmen and is unrivalled in quality and value. Each product is characterised by its intricate decorations and careful craftsmanship. This collection embodies the cosmic spirit of the incomparable Maa Durga, making each piece a trip in and of itself. Ekaa accomplishes our ambition of providing a handcrafted selection of quality handicrafts that may bring a touch of elegance and culture to your décor, from wood and marble to brass and semi-precious stone. 


7. Gaatha

Indian Handicrafts Online, Gaatha

The ‘Gaatha’ initiative was created to fill that critical function of storytelling, delivering social and financial advantages to the artisan colonies. They want to be the tool through which craftsmen may directly engage with a worldwide audience, as well as the resource that helps craft sell stories and ideals rather than goods. Gaatha aims to facilitate ‘dialogues’ between artisans and their customers, enabling ‘co-creation’ opportunities and collective progress. They are devoted to preserving all good practises and all procedures that are compassionate, just, and environmentally balanced.


8. Kadam Haat

Indian Handicrafts Online, Kadam Haat

Kadam is a non-profit organisation that collaborates with around 600 artisans from West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, and Kashmir. Their aim is to eliminate poverty by guaranteeing that no one in India is compelled to live below the poverty line and to create opportunities that empower women and youth in rural India with a life of choice and dignity. To address this at the grassroots level, Kadam creates small and medium-sized firms that harness local resources to provide education and meaningful work prospects for young people in remote areas. Kadam enables self-reliance throughout distant rural areas by empowering semi-skilled women in communities, expanding their mobility, cultivating independence, and engaging local youth.


9. Chanderiyaan

Indian Handicrafts Online, Chanderiyaan

Chanderiyaan is an e-Commerce platform that aims to exhibit to the world the wonder and beauty of Chanderi weaving in its many colours. It is a forum for sharing the skill of the Chanderi weavers of Madhya Pradesh’s District Ashok Nagar in Central India. It is a one-stop shop for Chanderi items online. They have a diverse assortment of items ranging from Chanderi ethnic to pure designer handwork. It is a platform for sharing the wealth of weaving and design patterns that have evolved over many centuries in this weaving town, each with its own historical dynamics and stories to tell. They are a social entrepreneurship effort aimed at increasing the community’s sustainability and livelihood. Weavers may use Chanderiyaan to skip the large network of master weavers and sell their products straight into the worldwide market.


 10. Okhai 

Indian Handicrafts Online, Okhai

Okhai sells handcrafted clothing and lifestyle items made by rural artisans from around India. These artists have the creativity and traditional abilities to create magnificent patterns in styles distinct to their culture and background. The goods have modern designs and are competitively priced. Proceeds from sales assist these artisans in helping themselves – Okhai’s mission is to encourage women from less privileged backgrounds to learn new skills; to provide them with the self-confidence and self-esteem necessary to earn a living through their own hard work and initiative; and to enable them to carry this newly discovered skill and confidence into the wider world. Okhai recognises the rich history and customs of these rural areas and turns them into goods by combining traditional art with current designs and technological methods.


Handicrafts are a means of preserving the rich traditional art forms and legacy, as well as the abilities linked with the people’s history and way of life. The country is endowed with a plethora of highly trained craftspeople. They have raised the profile of Indian handicrafts over the world and are extremely crucial for the country’s economic prosperity.

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