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Radha Krishna is a name which has to be taken together. It will look incomplete to say just Radha without Krishna and Krishna without Radha. The word itself tells the story of their divine love. It is said that the true love tale started with this mesmerizing love story. For many, they are strength and seeing Radha Krishna images make them happier and ready to run in the life race. Indeed, it is not just a love story; it teaches us many lessons which have to be followed by us to make our lives beautiful and joyful. This pair teaches us how to live a truthful and happy life with your partner, and we learn many lessons from them. Let us find out what are they;

  1. Sacrifice is another name of Love: Being in love is never an easy task. When you are in love, you change from inside and try to pour happiness in your relationship as much as possible for you. But while doing this tough task, there are some times when you need to compromise or sacrifice without expecting anything in return. Love pushes you in many hurdles and difficulties and you need to overcome those without hurting your partner. This is love and this is a sacrifice. Doing this sacrifice and seeing the happiness on your partners face is the only gift to make you happier, as well.
  2. Be with your partner in all the aspects: In today’s era, no one has time for each other, and it is the root cause of why people get separated even due to very small reason. Radha-Krishna teaches us how to accept everything and knowing your partner in all the aspects. Due to lack of communication and sometimes due to misunderstandings, disputes may happen. But getting out of that phase while holding each other’s hands is the true and divine love just like Radha-Krishna. Worshiping Radha Krishna photo gives you that divine power and satisfaction for your lives together. 
  3. Radha-Krishna teaches you to be have a strong bond with your partner: When you have accepted your partner with all his strengths and weaknesses, it is each other’s duty to create an extra stronger bond and try to know each other to make the bond strongest. When you have a stronger bond, no one can ever try to destroy it as you are going to be there for its protection. Radha-Krishna had the strongest bond and no one could mess with it ever. It was so strong, that we still worship and try to make ours just like that. Difficulties are part of life, so they are going to be there on every move and turn, coming out of it and growing yourself stronger is an important and tough task that is what is taught by this love tale. 
  4. Believe your partner always: Trust or believe is the synonym for life and togetherness. Being happy in your life with your partner starts with believing your partner totally without any doubts. Believing someone is the key for a successful and happy life. When you doubt, your relationship starts taking twists and turns which can become hurtful for you and your partner. Trust and believe is all you need to make your relationship stronger and healthier. Radha-Krishna gives us this best life lesson, which helps us in overcoming all the hurdles and hassles that can destroy your relationship and your lives as a result. 
  5. Be patient always: Love is kind of a book which has many lessons, and one by one we come across them, to take some morals and implement them in our lives. One of the life lessons is patience, which is very tough to follow in today’s hectic lives. Everyone is running in the race to earn happiness in the form of money, and no one has time for anyone to listen. As a human being, we lack patience, and that is the main cause of every dispute. Every time, you want another person to listen, what you say, but never want to listen what actually that person wants to say. This makes everything mess. Patiently listening to everything and then react can end up the fighting and then nothing is difficult, and you will be fulfilling your every wish smoothly and living a joyful life together. This lesson indeed is harder, but never impossible. Having patience is a key to every successful relationship just like the eternal love story of Radha-Krishna.

Every story has a Moral or a conclusion, and The love story of Radha-Krishna teaches us many morals, such as trusting each other totally, sacrificing without expecting anything in return, accepting your partner with all his strengths and weaknesses, and last but not the least always being patient and listen to you partners every time. Reacting on something without knowing the actual fact can hurt each other’s sentiments and take you away from each other. People chant God Images every day, to have that energy and power in you to battle with the hectic life and making it blissful and happy. The names Radha and Krishna are never apart, just like their love.

 One can feel the grace of chanting this name daily, and the changes in their lives by following the life lessons taught. Love yourself and your partner without expecting anything, and your life will become happy and graceful just like Radha-Krishna. Make your lives just like a true love story of Radha-Krishna.

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