Mohini – A Painting Prodigy


Mohini, immersed in the act

Sanguine eyes, grit in attitude, graceful demeanour and youthful exuberance characterize Mohini Dagwar, a tenacious girl in her mid-twenties. A computer science graduate, she enjoys the company of colours and loves to give expression to her creativity through acrylics. Passionately following her childhood interest, the girl has been literally painting inspiration on canvases.

Inside Mohini’s house, you get an impression of being in an art gallery as the house walls are all embellished with her acrylic paintings. Just when her sweet mother greets and welcomes you with a cup of tea, and you begin cherishing the girl’s prodigious talent, you are handed over a set of canvas paintings made by her. What follows is a feeling of sheer astonishment, as the excellent works leave you awe-inspired. 

Courting Indian peafowls

Mohini’s works cover a range of areas, including nature depictions, portraits, abstract paintings to still life. “I keep switching between genres, styles and themes to keep my work dynamic,” notes the artist, as she enthusiastically talks about her interest. “You must paint according to your own lights, and for me this has been the thumb rule to coming up with good works,” she adds.

Glancing across, you observe that the canvases haven’t just been suffused with colours but have also been imbued with values, emotions and feelings.

A piebald portrait of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, depicting the warrior king in his iconic royal gesture.

For instance, there are bee-eaters vigorously engaged in rearing chicks – there is a movement, and the birds’ eyes are full of caring emotions. Then there are courting Indian peafowls, perched on the bough alongside the lotus lake. The peacock train, having impressed the love, hangs down as an appealing mosaic. Hues govern the mood and expression, and bring the pictures to life. 

When your eyes fall on portraits, you realize that the girl, indeed, has a knack for the genre. Interpreting lord Krishna’s portrait, you find that different shades of blue impart desired renderings to the physiognomic features that emanate absolute serenity. Eyes are drenched in music, as the slightly protruding lips engross themselves in creating tunes. The flute in buff is coiled by a silky lace that wavers by a zephyr. Gradually, these elements merge with the black backdrop and make the viewer visualize the non-present finger movements along the flute. And the gleaming peacock feather in motion, and golden and silver ornaments that adorn Kanha’s forehead don’t go overlooked.

Kanha, lost in the melodious tunes of the flute

As you keep browsing, you encounter paintings that are based on abstract notions. Though Mohini doesn’t claim of being intentional in her efforts for having produced abstract paintings, she has indeed created some superb works in the area. 

At first, these paintings appear mundane and non-descript, but a close examination reveals the hidden meaning they convey; like the painting which portrays two butterflies, flying up amidst autumn flowers. Philosophically, the butterflies represent life surging ahead, progressing and achieving milestones one after another. 

Water lilies housed in a transparent pot: A realistic three-dimensional acrylic representation over a two-dimensional plane of canvas. Brighter shades on the left and darker shades on the right give an idea about light exposure in real-life, as the texture of the wooden tabletop gets highlighted accordingly. There’s a reflection of the water on the right, well-adjusted in the boundaries.

Interestingly, Mohini hasn’t taken any formal training in canvas painting. “I have been naturally inclined to colours and shades since my school days and my interest has continued to mature with time.”

Mohini says that most of her best works are of recent origin, created during the last one year, as the stay-at-home period of the pandemic-compelled lockdown gave her an opportunity to spend quality time with brushes and colours.


The young girl believes that one must keep one’s nose to the grindstone until the highest perfection is achieved. “Precision is what defines an artist, and as a painter, I always strive to reach the zenith of excellence.” 

 “But the journey for me has just begun, and I know I want to experiment with and work more and more on diverse ideas,” says the zealous painter, with a smile. 

Engaging unflaggingly, the artist keeps bringing innovation in her works by spending long dedicated hours, sinking her teeth into the art that radiates infinite optimism and indomitable spirit.

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  1. No doubt Mohini is a painting inspiration on canvases. Highly appreciable and like her name the painting fascinates you. Thank you Asit for writing on this phenomenal artist.


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