Motorcycling – The New Leisure Culture in Town


Motorcycle culture

India’s two wheeler market went past China when it recorded sales of 17.7 million units in 2016. There was a healthy difference of 9 lac units in comparison to Chinese figure that year.

Two-wheelers include motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and, now scooties, which is the modern day word for scooters. Over the years, these have gone gear-less, more efficient and convenient.

Indian market, which comprises of significant share of motorcycles, has skyrocketed in the recent years. Not just that, the recreational community has seen a push too.

Motorcycling groups like India Bull Riders, HOG, Rolling Wheel Bikers Club, The Bikerni and 100 others are riding passionately to take the romance to the next level.

Barring monsoons, motorcycle riders, can easily be spotted throughout everywhere.

The northern and eastern side of the country boast of some great hill stations. Riders who love loops, twirls and zigzags head there every season without fail.

In centre and down south, you will find huge runways, stretching over thousands of miles. There are some excellent highways to set off for a perfect motorcycle road trip

Especially during the months of Feb to April and September to early December, motorcycle enthusiasts throng these places in numbers.

Even though the fever isn’t anywhere near to what it is in the US or Europe but it sure is a sizeable ardent community, looking to explore the fun side of riding motorcycles.

Check this interesting infographic on interesting facts and statistics on motorcycles.


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