15 Best Quotes for Diwali Wishes to Share with Your Loved Ones



Diwali is a festival that commemorates the triumph of light over darkness. It is regarded as one of India’s greatest and most spectacular festivities. It is a festival dedicated to happiness, triumph, and harmony. Deepavali, alsp known as Diwali, is a Hindu festival that takes place in October or November. The phrase ‘Deepavali’ is a Hindi word that refers to a variety of lights (‘Deep’ refers to earthen lights, and ‘Avail’ refers to a line or an exhibit).

The festival of Diwali is celebrated in honour of Lord Ramchandra. According to Hindu legend, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya on this day after 14 years of exile. During this time as an outcast, he faced evil spirits and the devil lord Ravana. When Rama arrived in Ayodhya, the people lit diyas to greet him and congratulate him on his victory. Since then, Diwali has been observed to commemorate the victory of good over evil. During the time of Diwali, people also worship goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh. Master Ganesh is adored for his wisdom and keenness and is known as the Destroyer of Obstacles. Goddess Lakshmi is also worshiDuring the time opped for wealth and success during Diwali.


The preparations for the event begin several days ahead of time. It all starts with a thorough cleaning of homes and businesses. Many people also get rid of all of their old family belongings and finish all of the renovations before the celebration starts.

On Diwali night, it is a long-held belief that Goddess Lakshmi visits people’s houses to bestow blessings. As a result, everyone cleans and decorates their homes with pixie lights, blooms, rangoli, candles and diyas, with other decorations in preparation for the festival.

Here are some wonderful quotes for Diwali wishes to share with your loved ones this Diwali.

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 1

May Diwali’s divine light shine brightly in your life, bringing you peace, wealth, happiness, good health, and great success. 

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 7

Just like the colours of the rangoli, may this Diwali bring new smiles, undiscovered paths, new perspectives, and boundless delight. Have a fantastic Diwali!

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 8

This Diwali and throughout the year, may knowledge triumph against ignorance. 

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 14

Allow the candles’ and the earthen lamp’s flames to cleanse your heart, mind, and soul. As a result, your relationship with the Almighty will be strengthened. Wishing you a joyous Diwali celebration. 

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 12

Let each diya you light illuminate your soul and bring a smile to your face. 

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 6

A celebration full of wonderful childhood memories, fireworks in the sky, sweets in the mouth, diyas in the house, and joy in the heart. Wishing you a wonderful Diwali.

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 2

May the light from the wick of the candle during Diwali warm the world, removing the coldness brought on by wars, disagreements, and calamities.

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 13

This Diwali, let us revel in the glory of goddess Lakshmi  and vow to stop all wrongdoings. Wishing everyone a happy Diwali!

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 11

Nothing compares to spending a Diwali night with all of your favourite people. Here’s to a wonderful celebration!

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 3

Diwali is a festival of light, hope, and knowledge. In a big bonfire of crackers, burn your ignorance and ignite the lamp of hope in your heart, which will guide you successfully through your life – personal, professional, and social.

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 4

Diwali’s glow can rekindle your spirits. May this celebration fill your heart with new hope, confidence, and courage, preparing you for a prosperous future.

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 5

Diwali’s special feature is the ability to envision a bright future ahead of us. May this Diwali instil optimism in all of us, allowing us to see the bright side of life, ignoring the dark.

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 9

May this Diwali be full of new beginnings, delicious ladoos, dazzling Diyas, incredible opportunities, and new paths. Wishing you a joyous, frolic, and never-ending Diwali celebration!

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 10

May the vibrant colours of rangoli bring you joy, may the delicious sweets bring you sweetness, and may Goddess Lakshmi grant you all your wishes this Diwali.

Quotes for Diwali Wishes 15

May the pages of your life be coloured with peace, joy, and happiness with this divine festival of lights.

Hope you loved the quotes for Diwali wishes and shared a few postcards with your loved ones. Happy Diwali to you all, have a wonderful time with your family.

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