Rooftop: An Art-Tech Startup that Helps in Learning Celebrated Art-forms



“In art, man reveals himself and not his objects” – Rabindranath Tagore 

That’s exactly what art does to a person, as quoted by Rabindranth Tagore, a pure creative soul who exhibited his talents through literature, performing art and paints. He intended to convey that art is a medium through which one can express emotions and reveal their true self on to the canvas.The art is not about the finesse but the honesty with which the person indulges himself in it. But unfortunately, in today’s world where people are consumed by their work and the race to succeed, one has lost the charm of discovering self through art. Rooftop – India’s leading art platform has just found the antidote to this situation.

When we say, “exploring art is now at your fingertips” we actually mean it. Rooftop app offers an array of Indian traditional art forms to explore, learn and get inspired from through art classes and art workshops. A curated art experience that speaks of the culture and art heritage of traditional Indian art in abundance

Rooftop is the doorway to anyone who would love to indulge in the world of Indian traditional art. From online art workshops conducted by expert artists to discovering interesting tales and tools of Indian traditional art forms to experiencing the joy of being a part of the largest art community and attending art classes with them, Rooftop gives you all.

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And the best part, there is something for every kind of person, on Rooftop! Inquisitive about art, or you are an art geek? Artscan is your holy grail. Are you a good listener? Then treat your ears to the audios of the artists sharing details of intricate Indian artworks. Looking for some fun, find your way to the daily quiz and win points that you may redeem to unlock amazing features. If you are looking for an authentic place to upskill yourself, then explore the Maestro Courses offered on the app. Treat yourself to an art class to unwind. Explore the innumerable Indian art forms through art workshops.

But now to address the elephant in the room, why Indian traditional art form? Rooftop proudly chooses to be the advocates and enthusiasts of it because not only does Indian traditional art open up the floodgates to centuries old stories and mythologies narrated through art but the art also acts as the livelihood for artisans for generations. The Indian traditional art helps you visualize diversity of the lifestyle, community and people of India. Change is inevitable and hence we notice the depreciating value of Indian traditional art, Rooftop is a fun, engaging and informative reminder of how Indian art forms have adapted to the contemporary times and is here to stay.

Rooftop is the archetype of Digital India, wherein it makes the two parallel worlds of traditional Indian art and digital India meet on one platform. With 2000+ art experiences, 2100+ expert artists, 2500+ art workshops and an overwhelming participation from 20+ countries around the globe, Rooftop is leading on to make Indian traditional art accessible to everyone.

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