Ruhaniyat – The live Sufi and Mystic Music Concert Across 8 Cities is Back!



‘Every soul became for me a musical note, and all life became music’- Hazrat Inayat Khan

All music is mesmerizing, but there is something almost divine and spiritual about Sufi and Mystic music. It is hard to not be enveloped in its pietism and get engulfed in its rhythm of words and music. There is enchantment, almost like magic, that stands like a still fog amongst the performers, as well as listeners. Well, if Sufi and Mystic music is your thing, then you would be happy to know that Banyan Tree’s flagship festival Ruhaniyat is back.

About Ruhaniyat


Ruhaniyat is a festival that features works of Sufi saints and Mystics from across the globe. The live concert has been drawing audiences year after year across 8 Indian cities. Banyan Tree Events with continued support of their National presenting partner TCS will bring Ruhaniyat, in its 21st year to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in November- December 2021. This will be followed by Ahmedabad, Chennai and Pune in February 2022.

This year the Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata edition will see a very special guest artist group; the world-renowned Tuvan living legend Huun Huur Tu, from Republic of Tuva. Among the Indian artists are Ashupreet Kaur & group (Punjab), Rameshwari Devi & group (Uttarakhand), Parvathy Baul (West Bengal), Narh – the Ancient instrument of Mystic stories, Kachra Khan & group (Rajasthan), Prahlad Singh Tippaniya & group  (Madhya Pradesh) Kinnara Katha (Telangana), Jogwa & Bharud by Radha Khude (Maharashtra) and of course, Qawwali.

Parvathy Baul and Huun Huur Tu

The artists for other editions include groups from all across India like Hemant Chauhan, Dhadhi Jattha, Kashmiri Kalams, Avadhoot Gandhi to name a few and guest artists like Louvat brothers from Belgium, Latif Bolat from Turkey, N’Faly Kouyate from Africa among others.

The Relevance of Ruhaniyat

Ruhaniyat Ashupreet Kaur

The last few years have been challenging. With the pandemic and natural disasters, there has been pain, chaos, insecurity and anxiety. It has compelled us to ‘sit up and take a good look at what we call life, how it is changing, why it is changing the way it is, and, what is our role in all this.’ 

Attributes, such as compassion, corporation and humility are beginning to comfort the heart and mind. The whispers of the heart are being heard and as said by realized masters ‘”It is the realm of the heart that gives solace eventually; for, the heart knows”. TCS Ruhaniyat is back with the messages of such great masters once again. And yes, mystic and Sufi music has a way to connect with the whispers of the heart, the compassion of the soul and humility of the mind. 

Chisti Brothers
Chisti Brothers

Also, the festival provides the bridge that ensures the living traditions; the unique aspects of our intangible heritage are nurtured. When you hear of the bliss the great realized masters, great mystics experience, the unconditional love they talk of, all boundaries seem to melt away, even if for a short while. In that sense Ruhaniyat is about world peace too. 

The only festival of its kind, TCS Ruhaniyat is like a timely reminder of the human capacity to love, to nurture, to guide. 

The Ruhaniyat audience

Prahlad Singh Tipaniya
Prahlad Singh Tipaniya

Ruhaniyat is loved by its audience. So what do the fans think of the festival? 

‘It is more than a concert. It is an enriching experience emerging from the combined power of music and spirituality; opening the hearts, and minds of all witnessing it. As the works of great masters and mystics are brought to life by carriers of unique living traditions, they remind the listeners of the blissful path of spirituality, of the basic oneness of all beyond all man-made divides of class, caste, religion, race, language or nationality.

A brain child of Mahesh Babu the festival is a much awaited event in India. The artists, curators are rearing to go and the audiences are waiting to be transported into another realm, to a world of love, harmony, peace, equilibrium and unity. 

Ruhaniyat Schedule and Bookings

Mumbai: 27th & 28th November
New Delhi:  3rd December
Kolkata: 5th December
Bengaluru: 12th December
Hyderabad: 19th December
Chennai: 5th February 2022
Ahmedabad: 11th February 2022
Pune: 13th February 2022

Tickets will be available on: 
Artist’s line–up can be found on:

About Banyan Tree Events

Banyan Tree Events promotes the vast treasure troves of India’s performing arts. With an experience of more than 25 years it has been in the forefront of unique music and dance festivals of international standards. Some of their most notable national annual festivals include Barkha Ritu (All India Monsoon Music Festival travelling to 8 cities), Splendor of Masters (featuring all time greats from India and other countries, travelling to 3 cities) and Ruhaniyat.

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