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Book lovers of Kolkata flock to this famous street, irrespective of occasion or weather. Whether you are looking for schools books and college books on history, biology, and mathematics, or if you are searching for a science fiction novel, a love story, the history of music, children’s books, comics, classic literature, or a book on Beethoven or Einstein; you will find it here, on the classic streets of College Street Kolkata.

It is representative of the Kolkata of yore; traditional narrow streets and by lanes bustling with wooden and tin book kiosks; a distinctive and beautiful characteristic of College Street. Although trams no longer ply on many of the major streets of Kolkata, but wonderful trams between the College Street lanes are still functional. So, if you are new to Kolkata, and want to see these almost-gliding trams, and buy precious books as well, you can simply go to College Street, Kolkata.

College Street is a long stretch of road between Bowbazar and Mahatma Gandhi Road in North Calcutta. The little bookshops or kiosks here sell second hand books and some new books too. Students, artists, professionals and others frequent this famous street, to not only purchase second hand books at remarkable inexpensive prices, but they also come here to sell books at good prices.

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Many well known universities and schools in Kolkata are situated on this street, like Presidency College, Scottish Church College, Hare School, Scottish Church School, Holy Child School and University of Calcutta. This is why this street is called College Street. Kolkata medical college and hospital are also situated on College Street.

College Street also has some shops that prepare and print wedding cards, invitation cards and the likes. So, if you are heading out there to buy some good old books, then you can take some of your printing work there as well. Some very old inns still exist there as well; the famous Indian Coffee house is also on college street, where Bengalis get together to carry out the very popular adda.

The heart of Kolkata lives in College Street. It continues to survive and stand against the test of time. The students of Kolkata continue to visit this street to purchase academic books at reasonable prices. In fact, you will find books in all genres here; books that range from literature, mathematics, economics, management, astronomy, astrology, spirituality to some of the latest bestsellers. Some bookstalls in fact are dedicated only to bestsellers that range from chic lit to some famous love stories.

College Street kolkata

A book that would normally cost you about Rs. 250 at a city bookstore can be bought at College Street for as less as Rs. 25; it may be a second hand edition, but it will be in good condition. If you really wish to find a good offer to buy or sell a book, ask around a few shops and look for the best bargain. You don’t get books at such inexpensive prices anywhere else in Kolkata.

Travel to the wonderful College Street this weekend and revive some of the memories of your childhood by purchasing some classic books like Gulliver’s Travels or The Treasure Island. This visit will definitely be more than a scintillating experience for the true book aficionado.

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