Street foods of Delhi that Make it a Paradise of Savouries


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There is a famous saying in India, ‘Dil ka rasta pet se hokar Jata hai’. This means, ‘the way to one’s heart is through their stomach’. Food is a human’s basic need, and good food is the perfect company for any kind of gathering. Delhi is the capital of India and is also known as ‘dilwalon ki Delhi’. To translate, ‘Delhi is the place of the heartiest people’. Heart and food’s connection is eminent in our country. Therefore, it is valid to say that the street foods of the capital of our country touch the heart of everyone who tastes it. Indeed, the chaats, chole bhature, momo, and kebabs found in every nook and corner of Delhi are drool-worthy. 

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People visiting Delhi for the first time, we present to you some of the lip-smacking street foods of the state that you must not miss. For those familiar with the taste of Delhi’s street foods, here is a nostalgic reminder of the unforgettable delicacies. The street foods of Delhi are paramount to have an authentic experience of the place. In fear of missing out on the best dishes, here is a list of street foods of Delhi that make it a paradise of savouries.  


Street-foods-of-Delhi, Chole-Kulche
Image – Gwendolyn Stansbury / Flickr

Chole-Kulche is hands down one of the tastiest street foods of Delhi. It is a sought-after dish for everyone in need of a little spicy or non-spicy snack. It is a minimalist but tasty preparation of boiled chickpeas with tomatoes, onion, chillies, lemon, and chaat masala. The Kulcha is fried with butter. The flavourful Chole and Kulcha are given individually for you to tear the Kulche and dip it in the zingy Chole. As a quick-bite during a short break, Chole-Kulche is also made as a roll.  

Chole-Kulche is enjoyable for a light yet filling meal. When you go on a shopping spree in Sarojini or explore the city and its beautiful gardens and architecture, you can munch on this street food. The best Chole-Kulche in town is in Karol Bagh and at Yadav’s Chole-Kulche in Saket. 


Street-foods-of-Delhi, Momo 
Image – Wikimedia Commons

Calling attention to all the momo lovers out there, Delhi’s chicken, paneer, veg, and soya momo is very famous. The soft, small, butter oozing dumplings, along with the spicy chutney and mayo, is a go-to food for everyone in Delhi. The rising popularity of momo as a street food has made people opt for it as a perfect dish for any kind of outing with friends or family. The momos of Delhi are especially famous among all the college students.  

Dolma Aunty ke Momos in Kamla Nagar is a hotspot for every Delhi University student. Janpath holds some unique momo stalls. Majnu-ka-Tila, the Tibetan hub of Delhi, gives a quintessential experience of the best Delhi momo. When visiting the capital city, remember these few names, and anybody can guide you to these steaming momo joints. 

Kebabs & Mouth-watering Mughlai Dishes

Street-foods-of-Delhi, Kebabs
Image – Eatingeast / Flickr

The rich delicacies that originated during the Mughal period are still extant in many parts of India. Delhi was also the capital of the Mughal Empire. A variety of kebabs and other Mughlai dishes is therefore authentic to the state. The grilled delectable pieces of meat, when mixed in a rich gravy, taste lives rent-free in the heart of all who try it. Buttercream chicken, mutton korma, nargisi kofta, mutton kebab, chicken fry, and on and on, these dishes are a must-try. The sweet words are equally mind-blowing. After tasting all the spicy and rich chicken and mutton dishes, the heart might crave some sweet endings. You can always try some famous Mughlai sweets to get the complete Mughlai splendour Delhi has to offer. 

The best place to try these delicacies is none-other than the Jama Masjid area. Aslam Chicken Corner, Al-Jawahar, Qureshi Kebabs are the places to try some of the best Mughlai dishes. Cool Point, as the name suggests, is ideal for cooling off on a sweet note. Try their Shahi Tukda or Badam Milk and crave for more. Nawab Qureshi watermelon shake is another necessary refreshing drink that helps you rejuvenate from the earlier savoury endeavour.  

Chole Bhature 

Street-foods-of-Delhi, Chole Bhature 
Image – Nadir Hashmi/Flickr

When in Delhi, never miss gorging on Chole Bhature. Chole Bhature is an all-time favourite dish for every foodie. This very popular street food is one of a kind that misses its authentic taste in any place other than Delhi. The fluffy and soft Bhatura together with the aromatic Chole is a match made in heaven. Just like the Chole-Kulche, Chole Bhature is another comfort food that is on the top of the street foods list of Delhi. Chole Bhature has made its place in the hearts of many people. 

Chandni Chawk, Karol Bagh, Rajouri Garden, Dwarka are all places that boast of having the best and hygienic Chole Bhature in town. Try out Chole Bhature for yourself once and forget all your worries momentarily with its lip-smacking taste. 

Ram Laddoo 

Street-foods-of-Delhi, Ram Laddoo 
Image – Adam Cohn / Flickr

Ram Laddoo is the ideal dish to grab for a quick bite. Delhi houses numerous vendors who are present in every alternate road and alley across the city. It is the perfect snack to accompany a cup of tea with a friend. It is a deep-fried dish of either a batter of dal or potato. A plate of these crispy balls with a delicious green mint chutney and chopped onions is ideal for a friends group gathering.  

The best Ram Laddoo is available among the street vendors of Janak Puri, Tilak Nagar, and Green Park. A plate of Ram Laddoo on a rainy day with some old Bollywood songs over the radio of the stall is the epitome of old Delhi nostalgia.  

A palate of chaats 

Delhi is the king of a wide variety of chaats. Fruits, lentils, or vegetables, Delhi’s streets are present with different and delicious kinds of chaats.   

Some of the must-try chaats and where to find them are as follows- 

Bishan Swaroop Chaat 

Street-foods-of-Delhi, Bishan Swaroop Chaat 
Image – Indian Food and Tourism / Facebook

The Bishan Swaroop Chaat is one of the best and most healthy chaats. For parents who cannot make their children have enough fruits, try this chaat for inspiration to make nutrition tasty for kids. This is a fruit chaat with chana toppings, a perfect combination of healthy and wise. While walking in the streets of Chandni Chowk, try this chaat and regain your energy for another bout of adventure or shopping.  

Aloo Chaat 

Street-foods-of-Delhi, Aloo Chaat 
Image – Wikimedia Commons

Potatoes are a primitive ingredient for most street foods. Making a chaat out of potato, well, that must be a top street food to try. A plate of small bite-sized potatoes stir-fried with an assortment of spices tingles all the taste buds. Do give this street food a try and fall more in love with the king of vegetables. Vendors in Chandni Chowk and Khan Market sell some of the best plates of Aloo Chaat. 

Samosa Chaat 

Street-foods-of-Delhi, Samosa Chaat 
Image- su-lin / Flickr

Samosa Chaat is another snack that you must try. It in itself is a very qualifying dish. But when made into a chaat, well, behold a party for your taste buds. The samosas are crushed and mixed with tangy chutney, chopped onions, chillies, and sprinkled with bhujia. The taste you will receive will make you keep asking for more. CR Park and Chandni Chowk are the ideal places to enjoy the best Samosa Chaat in town.  

Daulat ki Chaat 

Street-foods-of-Delhi, Daulat ki Chaat 
Image – Nidhi Srivastava / Flickr

Those who think that chaat can only be savoury think again. Delhi will not disappoint the sweet lovers who would love to try a sweet chaat. Daulat ki Chaat is a unique and prominent street food whose taste seems to come from the hands of the food God Himself. This one-of-a-kind sweet chaat is only available in Chandni Chowk.  


Delhi’s street foods also boast a wide array of sweets that have a special place in them. Some of the sweet dishes to try in Delhi are- 

Rabri Faluda 

Street-foods-of-Delhi, Rabri-Faluda
Image – Delhi Food Walks

Rabri Faluda is a very distinctive sweet dish that is a favourite amongst most Delhites. This dish can uplift any gloomy mood with a superb recipe of coconut, dry fruits, and falooda milk. The best place to try this is Giani di Hatti in Chandni Chowk.  


Street-foods-of-Delhi, Kulfi 
Image – Varun Kirar / Facebook

Kulfi is indigenous Indian ice cream. The perfect balance of sweetened milk mixed with badam and pistachios is a known taste to many Indians. Delhi does not fall short of bringing out the authentic taste of Kulfi to suit everyone. Places like Karol Bagh, Chawri Bazaar, and Ajmeri Gate have the best Kulfi in town.  

Nan Khatai 

Street-foods-of-Delhi, Nan Khatai 
Image – Wikimedia Commons

Nan Khatai is an Indian-style Persian biscuit. It is a very ‘buttery’ food of Delhi, especially in demand by cookie lovers. You can find this cookie in any local bakery, and the taste will remain with you for a long time.  

These were some of the many street foods of Delhi that make it a paradise of savouries and also sweets. Some other mentionable street foods of Delhi that does not require any introduction given their popularity are- 

  • Chur-Chur Naan 
  • Raj Kachori 
  • Rajma-Chawal 
  • Bhel Puri 
  • Pav Bhaji 
  • Dahi Bhalle 

I hope you too find your favourite street food in Delhi. May your heart also be full of the lovely taste of the street foods of Delhi. 

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