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‘Art brings the best in you, and an artist brings the best art itself.’ One may decide to fall in love with art. But very few can prove that love in front of the world; Sushree is one of them. Sushree Priyadarshini has been interacting with art since the very beginning. She discovered her passion for painting at a very young age and has lived up to it since then. Although life took a test and she was not in contact with art for a few years while pursuing her B.Arch. Nonetheless, starting fresh, she again began to paint. She came back to her relish and made it her métier. 

Keeping the learner alive, she still believes that there is always a scope for improvement. Every moment is an opportunity to learn. “I still haven’t attained the position of calling myself best. I’m still learning and exploring myself,” said Sushree. 


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In Sushree Priyadarshini’s words, “If not painting, life would have been hell for me”. Painting has been an integral part of her life. Life without painting is hard to imagine, given the fact that she is ready to devote her love to art. A shift from a completely different field, like Architecture, was not simple. Yet, she decided to work for her passion and not let the social constructs overcome all the barriers. 


Sushree has tried her hands on a plethora of mediums, acing them all. However, she believes that acrylic and gouache are her forte. After trying mediums, from watercolours to oil colours to ink, she finally found her resort in acrylic and gouache. She states that the reason for this decision is her nature. She believes that watercolour requires patience; instead, Sushree is more jolly and restlessly cheerful when working. That being stated, she holds that acrylic and gouache are a match made in heaven for her. These mediums allow her to work super-quick as an artist. 

Being a perfectionist, she pays special attention to blending colours when working on an art piece. A proper blend of colours works as a cherry on top of the cake for a painting. Therefore, Sushree gives prime importance to this particular aspect in her paintings. 

It might seem like a crime to ask an artist to choose one from among their creations. When asked about her favourite artwork, she replied beautifully, stating that the ‘wounded elephant’ sketch is the closest to her heart. Each of her creations allures the followers. They make them halt their steps for a moment and appreciate the beauty of nature, expressing millions of emotions. 


Sushree first posted her creation on social media in June 2019. Since then, she has worked on various themes ranging from animals to flowers to memories. Each piece added a little to her skills, expression, and her love for art. Nonetheless, ‘Nature’ has been her constant motivation, inspiring her to create, paint, and draw. She loves painting nature; it has been a massive inspiration behind almost all of her works. Her adoration for nature is visible in her captivating artworks as well. 

When asked about her ideal satisfactory work, she remarked how an artist could never be satisfied with their work. She believes that an artwork might seem adequate or successful when the artist finds that good. People might have different opinions, but the only way to feel satisfied is through self-satisfaction. 

Sushree Priyadarshini was previously in a very theoretical field, architecture. She holds a degree in bachelors of architecture. However, after completing her degree, she decided to give it up to follow her dream. She stated that architecture wasn’t her cup of tea. For her, it restricts one from being creative. While on the other hand, Sushree Priyadarshini could not limit herself to choosing something that would keep her from creativity. To explore her love and creativity, she had to make this shift from the field of architecture. Although the turn was not simple or easy, she worked hard to choose what she loves, that is, painting. Art is home to her. She can reside there with adoration in her eyes and content in her heart. 


Although the devotion to art keeps her awake at night and enables her to go on for hours, she usually spends her time with her family when not working. She also loves cooking and is what she prefers to do when not painting. She said, “If not art, then I spend my time with my family, cooking and gossiping around”. Her respect for nature’s gold is visible even in her daily acts. She loves watching stars at night, and they help us connect to nature and work as a key in her creations. She enjoys running after butterflies, taking her to the mystic land of creativity. Also, playing with her pet is her ultimate joy to keep away from stress. 

It’s a must to know such a humble artist’s views on the role of art in an individual’s life. Answering this question, Sushree Priyadarshini elaborated on how cruel the world around us has become in the present times. Art plays a unique role in escaping from his cruel society. One can express themselves through art; it allows us to voice our thoughts without using words. She believes that art purifies one’s mind and soul. At last, Sushree advised her followers and other budding artists to follow and support natural talent. Rather than supporting content creators who stick to one form to increase reach. She wants people to learn from genuinely talented people. 


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The number of followers doesn’t matter; one can learn from a beginner too. So, if you plan to learn more, and improve your skills, ping Sushree! The process of learning shall continue keeping the popularity on the back seat. As for her plans, she wishes to explore everything related to art. She would love to share her tips and tricks with budding artists. She believes one learns best from mistakes. So, she wishes to help beginners learn from her mistakes.

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