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bridal mehendi designs
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An Indian bride has tons of options to choose from when selecting a bridal mehndi design that she can wear for her wedding. There are many styles some of which can get really intricate with the patterns and require a lot of expertise to draw them properly.

A mehndi can add some glamour and oomph to your wedding attire and the patterns can actually be like a love story that has been etched on the hands of the bride.

Applying henna to the hands on the day of some important festival or ceremony is considered to be the oldest of the traditions. However, the designs of mehndi have greatly improved and became more decorative with the people getting more and more creative.

Flower Patterns

Simple bridal mehendi designs

The floral patterns are timeless classics and actually enhances the look of the design patterns of the bridal lehenga. These patterns are all floral and the tiny leaves all around give them a special look.

Bride and Groom Pattern

Bridal Mehndi Design Styles

It is currently the most trending pattern and requires some special expertise for the bridal mehndi artist in Mumbai to actually make it flawlessly. There are many variations in this type of pattern like a raja rani pattern will go well with a royal wedding and a doodle pattern that can seamlessly blend in with a casual one.

Paisley Print

Bridal Mehndi Designs

These classic curved feather shaped patterns are really popular. The curvy mango shaped patterns look really good and form a traditional design that dates back to hundreds of years. These prints are not only famous for the brides but are used applied by women on different occasions.

Single Mandala Print

Art of Bridal Mehndi Design

The mandala print is one of the most common prints for bridal mehndi. A solid circle of henna provides as the base and then several patterns are drawn all around it. Several petals and other designs make a circular pattern on the palm of the bride.

Split Mandala Print

grand Bridal Mehndi Design

Very much the same as the mandala print but the difference is that in mandala print each hand acts as a separate canvas but in the split mandala the two hands together make up for a single canvas. Half of the circle is on the one hand while the other half is on the other. And all the patterns are beautifully symmetrical just like a mirror image.

The Lacy Glove Pattern

Unique Bridal Mehndi

This mehndi design is completely different from all other patterns as there is no central design but a lacy floral pattern covers the hand diagonally this pattern is usually worn at the back of the hands and starts from the pinky finger and goes all the way to the wrists. The pattern is simple at the fingers but becomes elaborate at the wrists.

Chequered Pattern

Bridal Mehndi Design Images

This pattern looks really nice and can be combined with any other pattern which makes this pattern usually very versatile. It is not a standalone pattern but can create a good combination. The main use is to break the monotony of those intricate design patterns.

Asymmetric Pattern

Bridal Mehndi Info

Most of the pattern in a bridal mehndi design is quite symmetric but now the trends are looking towards the asymmetric patterns. These not just look modern but are very much versatile as anything and everything can be, and, the idea is for you to not be bounded to make the designs into something that looks symmetric.

Mehndi in Indian weddings play a very important role and is considered a good omen(Shagun). Not only the bride and the groom but all the women of both the families get mehndi patterns on their hands as a symbol to shower their blessings on the couple and pray for their new journey that lies ahead.

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