Vibrant Folk Dance Forms of Northeast India


We have elaborated on folk dances and looked at some of the folk dance forms of North India. In this section lets us explore the folk dances of central and southern India. 

Folk Dance Forms in Northeast India

We begin with the Northeast, the Seven Sister states that have prolific culture and traditional dances. The northeast itself, probably has the highest range of variety in its folk dances that reflect the tribal and traditional culture of the region. Lets explore the dance from of each region in north eastern states.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal-Pradesh – Aji Lamu

The various folk dances are often associated with a particular tribe of the region. For example, the Aji Lamu dance is performed by the Monpa Tribe, the Chalo dance by Nocte Tribe and the Pasi Kongi, Ponungg, Popir dances by the Adi Tribe. 


Folk-Dance-Forms-of-Northeast-India Bihu_dance_of_Assam
Bihu Dance – Wikimedia

The folk dances of Assam include the popular Bihu, Bagurumba and Bhortal dance. Bihu is the celebration at the beginning of the harvest period and sometimes goes on for almost a month. Bagurumba is usually performed by women and is closely connected with nature. 


Folk-Dance-Forms-of-Northeast-India Shad Suk Mynsiem Meghalaya
Shad Suk Mynsiem – Wikimedia

The popular folk dances of Meghalay are the Shad Suk Mynsiem, Laho, Do Dru Sua, Shad Nongkrem and more. The Nongkrem dance is performed by the inhabitants of the Jaintia Hills in Meghalay as respect for the local deity. 



The Cheraw and Sarlamkai are the folk dances found in Mizoram. In the Cheraw the men move with bamboo sticks and women dance in between them. The pace is rapid and tuneful. 



The Chang Lo is the main dance of Nagaland performed by the Chang tribe. The dance form celebrates the victory of good over evil and dancers wear warrior costumes while performing. 


Singhi Chham Dance

The masked dance of Singhi Chham also depicts a snow lion, which is a symbol of the state. Kanchenjunga is Sikkim’s most priced treasure and is believed to resemble a snow lion. The dancers wear furry clothes and masks while performing the dance. 


Hojagiri Dance – Joegoauk Goa

Hojagiri is a wonderful folk dance of Tripura practiced by the Reang community. Here the lower half of the body moves in rhythmic stance and dancers also perform acrobatic movements.

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  1. The above information are very nice, Only the One thing I want to Add – Northeast is know as the 7 SISTERS that is –
    Arunachal Pradesh,
    Mizoram and

    and SIKKIM is just called casually as their Brother.

    So I want the editor of this blog to Write about MANIPUR. cONSIDER THESE 7 First as a NORTH EAST PRIDE and SEVEN SISTERS OF INDIA.



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