Aditi Patnaik

Aditi started travel writing, quite by chance, in 2005 while trying to hoard stories from the road. She usually writes travelogues in prose or blank verse. For most part Aditi is willing to travel just about anywhere and is religious about an annual trip to the Himalayas. Aditi is a also photographer by choice, having been published in Forbes and National Geographic Traveller; you can find her work both on Getty Images and Flickr. She is a marketer by profession and regularly finds delight in teaching young children when not on the road.

Historic Trail: Charminar to Badshahi Ashurkhana

Author: Aditi Das Patnaik Andhra Pradesh tourism organizes a series of heritage walks around the old city of Hyderabad and I happened to catch the second in the series, which...

Kumartuli – Casting The Gods

The narrow lanes of Kumartuli turn muddy with the rains as the ganga-mati mixes with the dust on the streets, the squalor of the place and its small habitats spills onto the street. And in their midst, rises mighty sculptures of the goddess Shakti.

Junagadh – Walk Into an Abandoned History

In Junagadh, there is a sense of time slowing down. Here, the folklores live on, well beyond the lips of the tourist guides. The name ‘Junagadh’ comes from the words ‘juna’ and ‘gadh’ and all that is old about Junagadh greets you, somehow undermining all efforts of modernization. A visitor is tempted to live off the history that every turn in every street offers in this small town in south western Gujarat.

Voluntourism – Renewing Travel Experiences

Travel constantly creates opportunities to meet new people: while on the move, at restaurants and even generally while engaged in common activities such as trekking. This is more incidental than by design. Travelling with a purpose of meeting fellow travellers and more importantly the native residents of a country and getting to know their lives, has emerged as an exciting prospect.

Sundarbans: In The Flow

I must admit that the desire to head to the Sundarbans arose several years ago, while reading the first chapter of Amitav Ghosh's "The Hungry Tide". However, the actual trip materialized much later coinciding with my need to escape the urban extravagance of celebration synonymous with every new year.

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