Amit Singh Negi

Amit Singh Negi is originally from Uttarakhand but he did his schooling from Lucknow. Just about to complete graduation in Civil Engineering from NIT Durgapur, Amit, more of an artist than an engineer, who loves writing poems, fiction, social satires, etc. He enjoys being a story teller either through his writings or movies. Further, being a travel-enthusiast, he loves travelling to new places, meeting new people and writing about them but never he forgets to tuck in pen & paper in his pockets before leaving.

Poem: Freedom Is My Birthright

Freedom is not something that we got when the British left us. It is so much more than just independence. What exactly is freedom, and its true essence?

Feeding India: Channelizing not just food but Happiness

Feeding India is a non-profit organization that aims to connect the two major social problems of Hunger and Food wastage as a solution for each other.

Abdul Kalam, You’re My Hero!

We may have lost him physically, but his words will always remain in our hearts. Dr. Abdul Kalam is truly a hero to you, to me and a million others.

Sweet Memories Revisited: Malai Kulfi

The loud yelling of Malai Kulfi vendors might have irritated us during the childhood, but who knew there could be a lot of sweet memories connected with it?

Let’s Talk About Ragging!

Ragging has been tagged as an atrocious practice for a long time. But what does it actually mean? Is it supposed to make the students' lives or break them?

Aamir Khan – Socially Sensitive Star

Satyamev Jayate comes as a fresh breath of air in our stale society. Today, on his 5oth birthday, we salute Aamir Khan for opening our eyes!

The Power of Poetry helps us LIVE

The power of poetry helps us in escaping from the atrocities of our chaotic world. It’s more of a necessity than a choice that sustains the human element in us

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