Arushi Gupta

An Interior designer and an ardent writer. I have peculiarity to explore different cultures, religious places, cuisine etc and about their historic tale. I am a blogger where I represent the researched study of the numerous handicrafts of India. Writing admiringly is my Passion and I genuinely want to pursue it to explore my encyclopedic knowledge as the world is not pocket-sized and every place provides a never-ending tale.

Indian Folk Art Mandana: The Doomed Tradition Needs to be Preserved

Mandana is the oldest forms of tribal art that has survived economically in India till ages. It is done in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh by one of the ancientest tribal communities, the Meenas.

Prajne – Ancient Artifacts Get a New Life

”Prajne” which means consciousness in Kannada is to pay a heartfelt tribute to the old age artifacts of ancient India. Let’s check out her story which inspired her to begin with the project.

Manikarnika: Uncovering the Other Side Of Varanasi

At the Manikarnika Ghat, death is celebrated. This burning ghat is also termed as Maha Shamshan where chants are sung every hour of the day and dead bodies are cremated for eternal peace.

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