Avuni Ady

Born in Mao, a small border town in Manipur and shifted bases from north-east to north down to south India to gain knowledge of social sciences and mass communication. Currently, awaiting a doctoral degree in IR from Pondicherry University. When alone, I love to strum the guitar and sing hymnals/choruses, travel the world and explore its cuisines visually through Fox Travelers and TLC. In brief, photography, cooking, travelling and music are my passions.

A Day to Thank 30 million Blood Stem Cell Donors Worldwide

Find out about DATRI, an NGO that is facilitating the process of finding blood stem cell donors for patients fighting fatal blood disorders

Creative Minds Blossom: Indian Women Writers

These female writers became a powerful medium for modernism and feminism. The present generation women writers are mostly western educated thus, their work cover the contemporary issues of women and those of the problems lingering in the society for decades, attracting a massive following of readers.

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