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Architectural Set Design in Indian Cinema

Here are some of the well known movies that were worth mentioning for their architectural set design in Indian cinema.

The Reel Storeys – Architecture in Indian Movies

No wonder Indian movies have only been too willing to set their stories in beautiful locations that are a feast to the eyes.

Mesmerizing Display of Talent – Indian Art Festival

The paintings and sculptures exhibited at the Indian Art Festival were the embodiment of the artists themselves. They had bared their soul on canvas for art connoisseurs

The Power of One Voice that Held High the Flag of Freedom

Power of one voice - What motivates an individual to wage a lonely battle against the system? Today, we observe the Human Rights Day by paying tribute to the power of one voice that braved all odds.

Caleidoscope Cultural Contest Results

Our Caleidoscope Cultural Contest has reached its culminating point. We were seeking Cultural Crusaders who are always on the hunt to discover something unique about India and tell the world about it.

Top 7 Offbeat Travel Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas is a wonderful tourist destination. Here are 7 offbeat travel destinations in this mountainous state

Imagining A World Without Art?

Does art play a role in our society? But imagine a world without art – there would be nobody who would make movies, music or paint.

Pet Cats in India – Intelligent Companions

Cats are wonderful pets due to their intelligence, self-sufficiency and companionship. Choosing the right pet cat in India can be a big decision...

Kissa kiss ka – Kiss of Love Protests

Kissing and hugging are human emotions; they have nothing to do with a country’s culture. These Kiss of love protests against moral policing may or may not work, but such violent acts need to be prevented...

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