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Friendly Relationships on TV?

The Big Bang Theory makes me laugh and think, and I realise the urgent need for friendly relationships. Here's a shallow look at the changing norms of TV sitcoms:

Pleaseasure of Restoring Old Machines Back to Life

Restoring old machines can be a wonderful thing, since it allows you to bring back items from the past right into the future...

Restoring the Ecology of Uttarakhand

Ecology of Uttarakhand has been seriously harmed in the name of development. I can only hope that these positive changes will restore the nature’s imbalance soon.

Inviting Entries for Ecoideaz Innovation Contest

Ecoideaz inviting eco enthusiast to submit green ideas innovated in India and win cash prizes worth Rs.10,000.

Recycling Ideas for Home Decor

Here are a few different recycling ideas on how you can use common objects of waste in order to create truly remarkable pieces of home décor.

An Oasis of Learning – Swaraj University

Swaraj University is a space for the youth to follow their dreams and coexist with others with similar crazy ideas of worlds without borders...

6 Types of Jewellery for Your Mother’s Beauty, Health & Happiness

Here are jewellers that cake bring in good health, happiness along with good looks. Giving these jewellery to your mother can not only express your filial piety, but also have a good meaning and health benefits.

CSA Awareness – Speaking up! Before it’s too late

Silence, often the refuge of a victim, is the reason many people today still believe that CSA is not something that can happen to us.

Understanding the Culture of Indian States [Infographic]

Indian States - While diversity is the essence of our Indian culture, many of us are unaware of the differences that actually unite various regions of the country. Here are the major dividing yet uniting cultural differences

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