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Ahmedabad Law Garden – A glimpse of Gujarat

Street shopping at the Law Garden in Ahmedabad is a rare exotic experience. this colourful shopping street is a night market. its sole focus on selling traditional handicrafts made by artisans such as weavers and quilters from Gujarat.

Cutting Chai And Vada Pav

There is nothing that can be said about Mumbai that hasn't been discussed before. There is nothing new that I can say except put my overwhelmingly strong feelings that I have for this city into simple words. Trash-strewn streets, muck, dabbawalas, slums and potholes are what people see when they come to Mumbai.

Vote for Best Eco-friendly Ideas from India

Our Caleidoscope Eco-ideaz Contest has reached the culminating stage now. We have received nominations from all across for the best eco-friendly innovative idea seen in India. Now, we seek your vote for the best idea among these innovations. The primary criteria will be the eco-friendliness of the idea and its commercial feasibility. If your idea is not in this list, you can add a new idea along with its photograph searched online. A participant can only choose two ideas. They can also promote their idea among their friends and get more votes. Just write a comment to vote for the idea.

Top Offbeat Destinations in South India

Far away from the travel spotlight, these destinations are beyond touristy trappings, and away from the cacophony that surrounds popular tourist spots. travellers suggest Top 5 Offbeat Destinations in South India.

RESET – ‘My problem, My promise’ campaign

We are thrilled to inform you that we have partnered with RESET is an international information portal and platform for environmental protection and humanitarian action. For the upcoming World Environment Day,, Green Commandos, and The Alternative are inviting people to take action to actively address one environmental problem that concerns us in our day-to-day lives - and we’re inviting you to submit a photo of yourself doing the same and join our online campaign!

Best Eco-friendly Ideas from India

Great green ideas are emerging from India that can be replicated across the country. Sustainable development is no more a buzz word among policy makers and activists; it is the underlying theme of every new jugaad innovated in the rural parts of the country.

Eco-Friendly Footwear to Flaunt This Summer

As the globe warms further this summer, we begin to feel the scorching heat. Summer calls for sandals that allow the sun to gracefully shine on your pretty legs and toes. Thankfully, the footwear industry has prepared for the release of its greenest sandals and shoes collection yet!

Caleidoscope Eco-ideaz Contest!

We at Caleidoscope are organizing the Eco-ideaz Contest where we seek your nominations for the best innovative idea you have seen in India. The primary criteria will be the eco-friendliness of the idea and its commercial feasibility. We request our readers to identify the most eco-friendly product or service created in India either by writing a case-study on it or by just nominating it with a brief description. Remember, the idea need not be implemented by you!

Alternatives to Plastic Bags?

The first time I heard that the preservation of our environment was the “need of the hour” was in my fifth class. More than 10 years later and innumerable conferences later, the deteriorating condition of the environment still seems to be the “need of the hour!” If anything, the situation seems to have worsened, what with the global warming and all.

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