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Best Eco-friendly Ideas from India

Great green ideas are emerging from India that can be replicated across the country. Sustainable development is no more a buzz word among policy makers and activists; it is the underlying theme of every new jugaad innovated in the rural parts of the country.

Eco-Friendly Footwear to Flaunt This Summer

As the globe warms further this summer, we begin to feel the scorching heat. Summer calls for sandals that allow the sun to gracefully shine on your pretty legs and toes. Thankfully, the footwear industry has prepared for the release of its greenest sandals and shoes collection yet!

Caleidoscope Eco-ideaz Contest!

We at Caleidoscope are organizing the Eco-ideaz Contest where we seek your nominations for the best innovative idea you have seen in India. The primary criteria will be the eco-friendliness of the idea and its commercial feasibility. We request our readers to identify the most eco-friendly product or service created in India either by writing a case-study on it or by just nominating it with a brief description. Remember, the idea need not be implemented by you!

Alternatives to Plastic Bags?

The first time I heard that the preservation of our environment was the “need of the hour” was in my fifth class. More than 10 years later and innumerable conferences later, the deteriorating condition of the environment still seems to be the “need of the hour!” If anything, the situation seems to have worsened, what with the global warming and all.

Prevention Steps and Remedies for Contaminated Water

If the water gets contaminated by any chance then our life and the full ecosystem comes in danger. So, we need to save water from getting contaminated.

Results of Caleidoscope Offbeat Travelogue Contest

Our Caleidoscope Offbeat Travelogue Contest has finally reached its culminating point. We began two months ago by listing a range of offbeat travel destinations across India and invited our readers to vote the best.

Photo Feature – The lost city of Hampi

The lost city of Hampi, in Karnataka is famous as a UNESCO world heritage site. The place is a photographers delight, the landscapes, the ruins, the weird arrangement are the main attractions. One can spend time leisurely looking at randomly balanced stone boulders or the beautifully carved temples.

Travel Photo Feature by Nikita Gupta

Nikita Gupta is an avid travel photographer who has traveled around not only India, but across Europe covering Spain, Italy, Holland and Czech Republic.

Arnala Beach – A Beauty Lost in the Suburbs of Mumbai

Mumbai, the business capital and financial hub of India, is a bustling metropolis teeming with people. Business activities happen round the clock and people here have no time to built relationships or emotional attachments. The sprawling concrete jungle, ever increasing traffic and the massive crowds tend to overwhelm a person by the end of the day.

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