Cindu Chandrasekharan is a media professional and a willing victim of wanderlust. Despite all her attempts to conquer the high seas and the hallowed mountains, she is still uncertain whether she is a beach person or a mountain person. She is a compulsive traveller, an enthusiastic travel writer and an incidental photographer. To make up for the curse of eternal optimism, she is blessed with boundless energy and a penchant for new experiences. Cindu is an observant wanderer and her writing captures her easy nature and wit. She is a nature lover and loves to explore different cultures, the less familiar the better. She is equally happy exploring her favourite landscape, India. "Not all those who wander are lost" as J R R Tolkein noted, sums up her need to move constantly.

Munnar – A Lush Green Art of Nature

Whether you are an offbeat traveller or a package tourist, Munnar is a definitely a pleasant after taste that you can carry back with you : )

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to New Delhi Culture

Our Wanderlust woman, Cindu ended up in Nai Dilli during one of her numerous stints as an RJ in a FM radio station. Being a hardcore Sillycon city citizen, she had to treated for a severe bout of culture shock! Please read through her travails to fit into the capital's culture. Please comment on the best pointabout being being in Delhi.

Katarmal Sun Temple – Tryst with history in the hills

When I headed off to explore the Garhwal Himalayas in the month of July, I wasn’t quite certain what I had to be prepared for. However, topping that list were the rains. The incessant drizzle followed us with chilly determination. Our wanderlust woman returns again, this time discovering a sun temple hidden in the mists of time!

59 Years and the Amazing Race Continues

I have heard my family talk about the Nehru boat race ever since I was a child. With great excitement they discuss the race and watch the entire race on television. Post this there is an extensive review of the same and a long list of could-have-been scenarios. I had never shown much interest in the details or the event itself.

Monsoon in Maravanthe

Cindu is a wanderlust and avid traveller who has travelled across the globe. She discovers the magical placed named 'Maravanthe' on one fine rainy day! Maravanthe, reminds me of a bride, veiled by the dark clouds, embellished by the raindrops, waiting in nervousness and excitement for a fresh downpour. I am almost certain that Marvanthe provided at least some inspiration to Heaven's design!

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