Debangan Mishra

An Indian high-schooler in Kuwait, I like to express my unique opinion on various topics of India’s rich cultural heritage through words. Staring out at the desert skies here, I fondly recall Rajasthan’s deserts. The heavy rainfall here reminds me of Assam’s monsoon ambience. Truly, I am reminded of my country every time and wish to reconnect with my homeland through my writings and art.

Culture of Manipur: Mesmerizing Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

The culture of Manipur is vibrant, intricate, and rich. Tucked away in the mighty hills, their beautiful tradition is a sight to behold and store in our memories and cherish for ever.

Northeastern Tribes of India – Little Known Things About Their Culture

The Northeastern India is an unexplored mine bursting to the seems with cultural diversity. Here we talk about the Little Known Things About Northeastern Tribes of India.

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