Eshaa Patnaik

I owe my interest in writing and questioning things around me to my umpteen conversations with a close group of friends. As a society, we Indians do not like to question anything around us and accept things the way they are. I strongly feel that each day should be lived well and one who can enjoy the everyday mundane things in life is the luckiest of all. My favourite past time is arguing about some non relevant topic over a cup of tea. That according to me is a celebration in itself. I work full time in the software industry as a workforce management specialist and yet, I spare time to read my favourite authors such as Arthur Hailey, Nayantara Sehgal and Shashi Deshpande.

Voices of Transition – Raising Ecological Questions

Voices of Transition, an independent documentary film, goes a long way in us questioning our own individual contributions towards our ecology and to our society...

Crossover Genre Movies in India Larger than Life!

Crossover genre movies in India have been successful to some extent in giving us a reality-based cinema that goes beyond the “larger than life” portrayal that Bollywood offers...

Crossover Movies – Have they clicked in India?

Indian filmmakers in the 21st century have ventured into new frontiers and sought newer challenges, which have resulted in many Crossover movies.

I, Me, My Selfie Generation!

Social media was earlier accused of feeding the voyeuristic urges of people, but now it’s taken on an entirely new meaning of building a selfie generation...

Career Women – Carry a Quiver Full of Arrows

As more women join the professional ranks, there will be an evolution in the way they are perceived. Career women need to decide what arrows we need as per the times

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