Gayatri Devulapalli

I am a homemaker and aspiring writer ,presently in Bangalore. Owing to my father's job I have had the opportunity to stay in multiple places of India and learn their culture and language. At the same time owing to my job in a software firm , I was able to stay in US for two years. Motherhood and marriage brought another change in me. Each and every experience has been a value addition to my life. Finally my MA English literature degree has made me writing buff ,always looking for new ideas to write upon. I hope that one day I will be able to publish my own book and the world loves it!

For the Jane Austen in us…

Jane Austen, one of the most unconventional authors of the 19th century, will celebrate her 240th birthday on December 16. Her plots and characters are still utterly relevant. Let’s take a look

Hanging Pillars and Frescos – Gems of Quaint Lepakshi

Being a history buff, I had always wanted to visit Lepakshi to see the largest monolithic Nandi there and also the famed Lepakshi sarees.

Summer Holidays: Being Aimless and Happy!

The joy of summer holidays in the good old days, and the changing ways of kids spending summer vacations over the years.

Books and Children – A Special Kind of Connection

In this age of gadgets, books and children is a combination that's confined to the bygone era. How do we bring back the joy of reading to this generation?

Abundance Syndrome – The Problem of Plenty

Abundance Syndrome - Multiple options for people at reasonable prices have resulted in people not attaching any sentimental value to what they have.

Borra Caves Near Vizag – A Natural Wonder

Borra Caves or Borra Guhalu, as they are called in Telugu language, are the most prominent. Located in the Visakhapatnam district in Araku Valley of the Ananthagiri Hills – which is part of the Eastern Ghats mountain range – they are barely known by people outside the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh.

Is technology affecting our children?

In today’s frantic pace of technological advancement, have we forgotten our children? How is the technology affecting our children? It seems to have made the child an adult!

Children and Technology – a childhood lost?

The children of an older generation had few options. How many of us remember finishing our homework and going out to play with friends…

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