Hrishikesh Somani

Travel, food, journalism, films, adventure sports, music and then some more travel; traits that define Hrishikesh. He is a journalism and mass communication graduate who loves write about general issues and life happenings from a fresh perspective that appeals to the readers. He has a wide variety of fields in which he has worked like Documentary film making, Formula 1 racing, NGO volunteer work and an Ad agency to name a few. His varied experience, coupled with him striving to provide with a different angle to his stories make him an interesting writer.

Art Cinema in India: The Sidelined Stream?

Art Cinema or the Parallel Cinema, this film-making style is veritably a particular movement in Indian Cinema that focused on the themes of realism, naturalism, society and politics.

Documentary Films in India that Broadens Our Horizon of Thought

As the world watches the latest set of Oscar awards, we look at some documentary films in India that have been created by experts and novices alike.

The Essence of being a Global Indian – Part I

Sometime ago, we at Caleidoscope sought your opinion about the emergence of a “Global Indian” amidst us. The Global Indian mindset is too complex to define.

Documentary Filmmaker – The One Behind the View Finder

Let’s look at the person peeping into the viewfinder behind the camera. Making a feature film is easy because if you miss a shot, you can re-shoot it. But while making a documentary, there are wild animals being captured and the camera is on your shoulder. There are no rehearsals!

Documenting Wildlife at its Best

The biggest challenge that a wildlife documentary film maker faces is the uncertainty of spotting animals. You go with your camera into the forest, select a vantage point and just wait, hoping that animals would come there soon and give you a good shot.

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