Keerthana Muralidhar

I am a young enthusiast in writing and speaking, trying the best from my end to make changes in the Indian society and the mindsets of a people. My passion for writing and speaking started from my childhood, as I started considering the pen and tongue as the most mightiest weapons. I find myself penning down every emotion of mine. Sometimes when situations don't permit me to talk, I vent out that emotion by writing a poem or a note. I will be graduating with a degree in Mass Communication this year, and I would surely continue to write in my leisure time. I am also a trained classical dancer (Bharatnatyam) having given performances in India and Dubai.

Big Fat Indian Weddings – Poking Fun at Arranged Marriages

Indian weddings - Arranged Marriages are very common in our country. But behind all that pomp and grandeur, there are certain things that can be just mocked at.

The New Real Opportunity – Virtual Internships

A virtual internship consists of gaining work experience without physically being at the company headquarters. Virtual interns utilize technology such as web or teleconferencing, email, cloud software, and Google drive to complete tasks and assignments.

Does India need Feminism?

Having understood feminism in India context, we may wonder why at all, does India needs Feminism? When there exists extreme oppression and male dominance in every aspect...

The New Age Matrimonial Ad

Indhuja Pillai’s sarcastic matrimonial ad went viral. She created the website for herself after viewing the profile her parents had created on her behalf on a matrimonial site

Holidaying with family or friends?

With changing times, the entire meaning of Holidaying with family has been transformed, with children and parents going on separate holidays due to different tastes...

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