Levine Lawrence

Stuck inside an air-conditioned cubicle... i yearn to ride into the countryside... under the open blue skies, where farmers toil in the field, smell mitti ki khushboo, fill more greenery into the picture... travel across the world, meet more people, bring smile on faces... and finally, work for world peace. Just like those Miss World statements! I am a veteran media professional with 12 years of diverse experience in business media and research in India. Apart from my full time job as a researcher, I have been an avid travel photo-journalist, who has covered the art & cultural aspects of South India. Further, I am actively involved in the voluntary organisations working on energy efficiency, organic farming and environmental issues.

Terrarium – The magical Miniature Earth

Do you remember the word ‘Biosphere’ from your biology classes… “It is the global sum of all ecosystems which integrates all living beings and their relationships.

Eco-friendly Ideas for Future – Part II

In our previous post on eco-friendly ideas we covered some of the best ideas to bring sustainability in our living. This post is the continued part of the eco-friendly ideas for future part1.

Eco-friendly Ideas for Future – Part I

“If you need development, you need to sacrifice the environment” that was the standard slogan. Fortunately, things have changed for the better long ago, and for all of us who care about the earth, there is a new way named ‘Sustainable development’.

Green Wedding – Making our wedding eco-friendly

Can we do something unique in any of our special events so that they stay memorable for us… How about making our wedding eco-friendly? Green wedding!?

Attaining Nirvana in Nepal

Can we seek nirvana with a money back guarantee… Is there a place where backpackers and luxury travellers can both get the best bargains… Is there Shangri La on earth where all people live perfect harmony with nature…

Packaging Heritage Museum

Is it possible to find tins of Parry's Nutrine, Amulspray and Lactogen, Philips radio, VAT 69 bottle, Army hipflask, Agfa camera in a leather case, ancient Pepsi and Coca Cola bottles, wooden cigar boxes all in one place… One would wonder how and why such a diverse assembly would happen in the first place!

Discovering a Folk Art Form – Chittara

However, not many know about the existence of a visual folk art form named Chittaara or Chittara.

Guide Time Lapse Photography

Although, it is one of the most tedious forms of nature photography, the results are usually extraordinary. A flower bud bursting open into full bloom... a sprout emerging from the ground...

Ber or Bore or Jujube

Have you heard Superstar Rajnikanth uttering the word ‘Jujube’… Do have a faint memory of eating a Ber phal, Bore hannu or Jujube in your childhood…

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